What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #45)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Name one basic quality you honestly admire in other people and why?
  2. Do you own a treasured stuffed animal or doll or action figure!?!? Where did it come from?
  3. Name one vacation you took that has remained your absolute favorite!


  1. Humor. I NEED to find that person who can crack me up! If I’m not laughing, I’m crabby. Humor makes anything better! 
  2. I have a very special stuffed animal that I STILL have. A dog I named, ‘Sad Sam Baby.’ My mom bought him for me from the hospital gift shop when I was having reconstructive surgery on my arm. I was 14. I woke up from the surgery, there was the cutest little brown and white stuffed dog!
  3. Cozumel, Mexico. The hubby and I vacationed here twice. It is STILL my favorite vacation spot. I’d go again in a heartbeat!!!



  1. 1. People who can create on the spot, like words come easy to them. They can see the funny side of anything and explain it like it belongs to them.
    2. My parents still have ‘Flat Boy’, a one-dimensional barely stuffed toy I had as a kid. My dad used to tell me the story of how ‘Flat Boy’ got his name. There’s a bit more to it than this but basically he was run-over by a steam roller when reading a book while crossing the road but survived in a land of Inflatable Bears and became Emperor Flat Boy. Insane I know, but I used to like it repeated over and over they tell me.
    3. Étaples Military Cemetery in Northern France. I was staying near Le Touquet at the time. It’s just rows and rows of white WW1 gravestones that go on for miles. There’s a whole section where every gravestone reads ‘Aged 19’. I was 19 when I visited. It’s stayed with me ever since.

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    1. Those creative souls. I agree! Great admirable quality! Flat Boy. George, so awesome! I love the story too! Great memory. Wow, your vacay favorite. How surreal to be 19 at that time… I’d love to see that Military Cemetery, and would absolutely pay my respects. Very cool answers, my friend! Thank you.😊💫


  2. 1. Thoughtfulness; those people who, unlike me, remember birthdays, turn up with a card for everyone at work or your club to sign when someone is ill – when I didn’t even know anything was wrong!
    2. Chocolate Moose – we saw him in a charity shop about to have a price tag put on and grabbed him before any children saw him! He sits in the living room, but has been on holidays. He is very photogenic and has starred in several story books for the grandchildren.
    3.All my Scottish holidays rolled into one, each time we were often lucky with the weather ( it rains a lot in Scotland ) which made places magical – Isle of Skye, Iona ( a holy island ) , a hotel on a loch, Nevis ranges.

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    1. Thoughtful people. My sister in law still sends cards for birthdays and holidays.
      My husband was quite good at many construction trades. A friend asked him if he could tear out a bedroom wall and make her a dining room. He did plus a new stone face for the fireplace and a brick wall to raise the front yard up. He wrote his name in the wet cement. I think it’s still there. For my understanding in him being gone Betty stood in a line for HOURS to get a cabbage patch doll when they first came along and people went crazy. She gave him to me. His name is Landon.
      A houseboat trip on the Colorado river. We saw mountain goats or maybe sheep. Coyotes, beaver. We swam in coves. The kids had a blast.

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      1. Nice. I believe thoughtful people are truly a gift. Sounds like your husband did good, thoughtful things. Landon the cabbage patch doll. That’s a treasure for sure! Those were very hard to get! That trip sounds awesome! House boating on the Colorado River! Wow. Thanks, Margie!😊💜


  3. 1. Sticktoitiveness. I famously lack perseverance. I get bored, distracted, or I simply change my interest halfway through a thing. I could build the world into a better place if I just had persistence. As it stands, though, I probably won’t even finish this sente…

    2. Treasured. Hm. When I was a kid I would go to visit my big sister and she has this stuffed koala that was my favorite thing in the world. When I got older, and she moved and remarried, she gave it to me. I wonder where it is now? 🤔 I have a Captain Mar-Vell and Thanos on top of my bookcase that I really love. On the mantle in the living room I’ve got Todd Gurley, Jared Goff, and Torry Holt. There’s a dinosaur and Infinity Gauntlet under my monitor, but I suppose you’d call those “knick knacks.” No, I guess at the moment I don’t have a “treasured” one, but I do so love them all. 😊

    3. Vegas. In 2017 my wife and I renewed our vows and we had about 35 folks – family and friends – join us in Las Vegas for it. Had people there from Nor Cal, So Cal, and parts east as far as Arkansas. It was 5 days of morning church, afternoon exploration, and nighttime parties, with some of the greatest souls on Earth. 18 years earlier was my previous favorite vacation. In 1999, we had family come from all over the country for what turned out to be the first of a semi-annual family reunion. One week. 50 people. Mass tents on my brother’s property. Beer, horseshoes, laughter and zero drama, all week long. I’m a simple man. Give me my peeps, my brews, and nothing I gotta do tomorrow and life is sublime. ❤️

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    1. Brother Tom…. sticktoi… me neither.😆
      Ahhh… koala. That is sooo cute. Notice I put ‘action figures’ on the list just for you. What a ‘marvel’ous collection! Almost like surrounding yourself with treasures! Most important, my friend. And the ultimate Vegas vow renewal. Incredible Tom. Definitely a testament to you and Mrs C!!! That reunion sounds fab. Gosh, no drama?!?! Nice! Cheers to the sublime three! And that’s a wrap! Thanks, Brother Tom!😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  4. 1- I cannot define this quality, I simply recognize when someone has it: the ability to tell me when I’m being a stubborn ass and I listen. I’m very headstrong and strong willed. Not a lot of people can speak to me and change my way of thinking about something if I’ve made up my mind. I know a few people in this world who have the ability to make me see things differently with very little effort. One told me I was resilient once and I had an absolute fit because I hated that word and I think it is a word that is thrown around to the degree that it’s essence is lost in the fluffy bullshit of people applying it to others do strike their ego when they are, in fact, not resilient at all. After two years of him teasing me from time to time about it and insisting I was, I came to believe him and now like the word… although I still think it is grossly misapplied.

    2- No. All my belongings are… lost to time.

    3- A solo trip I took to some islands in the pacific with a different bikini for every day and a lot of sunscreen and cash. It was lovely.

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    1. Some words people say over and over drive me insane, the same as your resilient word. I hate the word stressed, or surreal. Most people don’t really know what stressed is. And…. it was so surreal. 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀
      another what is used in quilting and drives me to drink. Ohhhhhh your colors are beautiful and the black makes everything POP. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ANYWAY. makes it pop. Makes me vomit.

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      1. Sooooo surreal the way that reading this makes me sooooo stressed and the voice in my head sounds like a valley girl… it just pops.

        You’re right. People don’t know what stressed is. They don’t know what surreal means. They literally cannot use the word literally correctly and they literally have no idea that what they really mean is figuratively. People think they sound smart when they’re using words like that but when it is incorrect usage or a gross understatement to what it actually means, it devalues those who use it correctly and who really know the depths of things.

        Listen, Karen, you were not sooo stressed when they didn’t have your favorite creamer at the store. You were marginally upset and put out because that meant you got a different flavor. Talk to me about stressed when you can tell me about something that equals the actual stress in my life… mkay?!

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    2. If you can not come up with a word for that quality, I never will! You are the master of language, I am but a student! I have to say, I agree with him, you are the definition of resilient! Sorry, not sorry! Maybe a lot of fluff… but there is no fluff about you, Kit.
      Damn. Sorry about your belongings.
      A trip to the Pacific! Solo. I’d totally do that! Fun! I bet it really was a VACATION! Thanks, Kit! 💜

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  5. 1. creativity, especially any kind of artistic ability (whether it’s singing, painting, playing an instrument, drawing, etc), because I have absolutely NO artistic talent whatsoever. I admire people that can create something beautiful.
    2. I have a stuffed camel. The story I have been told is that when I was 3, I asked Santa for a real camel. Apparently Santa couldn’t find a real camel and brought me a stuffed camel. I named him “Camel”, and I still have him. He’s in a box somewhere (so my dog doesn’t find and destroy him), but I’m never giving him up.
    3. A family trip to Tahiti. Lots of good food and relaxing on the beach. We went snorkeling, rode scooters, and swam with sharks. Lots of fun.

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    1. I admire that quality too. Some incredibly creative people people in this world! Camel! I love your story! What a treasure. Tahiti! Exotic. Sharing such a place with loved ones… that’d be a favorite for sure. Thanks, Lindsay!😊🦋


  6. 1. Compassion. A gentle, compassionate heart with the ability to care, to love, to empathise is a wonderful thing.
    2. My old Thumper (from Bambi) stuffed toy/teddy that my parents bought me, must have been about 4 maybe. He came with me when I was about 5 to have my tonsils removed. Apparently, according to my parents, Thumper was a hit with the surgeon there who said he had a Bambi teddy at home that his daughter was too old for so he was going to bring it in for me when I was recovering (yeah, liar, I never did get that teddy!!😂)
    3. My first and only proper vacation I suppose, to Salou in Spain. At least I managed to do something in this lifetime. I’ve been away before that but not a proper holiday per se. Cozumel, that must have been amazing. Maybe it’s one you could daydream about and hopefully do again some time in the future..?

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    1. Caz… yes. Compassion. ‘Thumper Visits the Lying Surgeon!’ Ha! I love the thought of 4 year old Carol carrying around Thumper. Cute. I think that’s a pretty good proper vacation. I wish you many more! Maybe we should do Cozumel??? I tell ya, I’d go again!😊💜💫

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    1. Good quality, perseverance. Bo with a panda bear. Thats a keeper! Wow, I only dream about those places you’ve seen. I laughed out loud at ‘every next one is my absolute favorite!’ I think that every single time I go on vacation! Too funny! Thanks, Bo!💜💜💜

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  7. I am with you. Love humor and the ability to think differently about situations. Especially stressful ones. As a child humor was my coping to deal with a dreadful childhood. Today I use it as a teaching tool in my classroom with my students who have autism and other disabilities. They often don’t have others treat them in such a way and I get great results in personal and behavioral growth.

    I had a Mrs Beasley dill growing up and she had her tonsils out with me when I was 4. My parents lost our house and subsequently their storage unit where Mrs Beasley had been placed while I stayed on my grandmothers couch.

    Favorite vacation would have to be our catamaran trip to a Grenada and the Grenadines in 2018. We had 11 days on the catamaran with friends enjoying time sailing and floating in the ocean.

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    1. You are right on with the kids! I want to thank you for teaching our children. Teachers shape our young minds. Sincerely, thank you! Mrs. Beasley! Awe. I had a Mrs. Beasley too! I loved that doll. She could fix anything. I wonder if an antique store or EBay would have a Mrs. Beasley? I’d love to have one again. (Lost the house? That’s rough. So sorry.) Grenada! I know next to nothing about that area! You catamaran trip sounds like it was grand! I can understand why it’d be a favorite! Wow. Thanks so much, Patty! Great answers! 😊💜


  8. 1. Kindness works for me every time Kim. 2. Sadly, I have no stuffed animals, but I do have lots of ornaments – a flying pig my sisters gave me for my 60th birthday, two little seals that remind me of a trip with my sister to the isle of Bute… 3. I have quite a few including India and Bali, but most of all it has been the warmth of people the world over that stays in my heart.

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    1. Kindness is always a desirable! Ornaments! That’s a great idea! (I’ve been trying to find postcards to remember our travels but ornaments would work!) I love this idea. I bet the flying pig is cute. You have travelled, my friend. What wonderful experiences. It definitely would be difficult to choose just one. Thanks, Brigid!😊💜

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  9. 1. Name one basic quality you honestly admire in other people and why? Kindness, a little bit goes a very long way. 🙂

    2. Do you own a treasured stuffed animal or doll or action figure!?!? Where did it come from? My grandmother made me two glass dolls……..I treasure them.

    3. Name one vacation you took that has remained your absolute favorite! Every time I have spent time with my family. We don’t get out much so each one is super special. 🙂

    Thank you for another week of awesome questions Kim. 🙂

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  10. 1. The ability to never sweat the small stuff, and they think most things are small stuff. Somedays I’m that person, other days I worry about everything. My husband, on the other hand, rarely loses his cool. I admire that.
    2. I had one that was very precious to me, but I gave it to a friend for safe keeping when i joined AmeriCorps, and it was lost when he moved. It was a blue and white teddy bear I called Boo Bear that I got from my grandmother when I was very young, 2 or younger. Now I have a monkey named Monkey Monkey Monkey (you have to say it fast), he came from Build a Bear a number of years ago when I went with a friend. He has no clothes, he does have a hat, but doesn’t wear it. I sleep with him every night and take him to the hospital with me. I even wrote a post about him called “Everyone Needs A Monkey” (I think)

    These post are always fun and make me think about things I probably never would without your prompt. 💕💕

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    1. Ooohhhh… that’s a great one, ‘ability to never sweat the small stuff!’ That is definitely a quality I would admire! Awe, Boo Bear. I love that you named your monkey, Monkey (x3!) Hahaha! I’m imagining saying it fast… 😆😉 I’m so glad you like my prompts. It’s good to have a ‘lil ‘funday’ on Sunday! Thanks my friend. I enjoy learning new things about you!💜


      1. I enjoy learning about you too!! There was a cartoon, I cant remember the name of it right now, and in the them song it said monkey monkey monkey, so that was my first thought when I saw him. Wait, I remember! My Gym Partner’s A Monkey! Really silly cartoon. Oh, another thing you can learn about me, and Stuart, we love cartoons! 🤣😂😄❤❤

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