What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #42)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Do you have a bucket list? (Well, you should!) Name 3 random items you would put (or do have) on your bucket list.
  2. What is the funniest thing you ever heard a child say?
  3. What is the time and temperature where you are as you are reading this?


  1. See Alaska. Learn how to speak Spanish. Live by the sea!
  2. “I’m having the BEST day ever… AGAIN!
  3. 11 AM. 72 degrees.


  1. 1. To speak German, live on top of a hill and get another dog.
    2. There were a bunch a schoolkids wandering around Canterbury stopping people in the street to get then to answer questions about whatever it was they wanted answers for. One little kid – a boy – collared an old man and the first question he asked was, “Are you male or female?” The old man wasn’t too pleased.
    3. 12.48pm – 8 degrees and windy.

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  2. 1- Slow boat to New Zealand followed by a thorough exploration, transcontinental railway trip, kissing my one who got away.

    2- “Miss? Can I go the bathroom? I think I need to… Oh no! Oh no! OH NO!!! *toots* Never mind. It was just a fart.”

    3- 7:39 AM, 55• F and dense fog.

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    1. New Zealand! I’m really groovin’ on your modes of transportation! The sweet one who got away… KIDS- that tooting kid would’ve cracked me up! Did you start laughing or snap back into teacher mode? 😉 55 degrees. Fog in this area has been a bit surprising! I do like the fog tho- thanks Kit! Cool answers!😊

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      1. I once told someone very dear to me that New Zealand was my dream vaca and why; 14 years later when we reconnected, he gave me the answer I had given him; it reignited all sorts of things.

        I think part of travel should be to enjoy the journey as well, not just the destination.

        Mmmm… Mr. Got away…

        Soooo… I definitely find it hard to maintain a straight faced composure as a teacher because kids can be so amusingly authentic. I find it most challenging to let them know when I am laughing that it is because I adore them and their personality rather than letting them wonder if I am laughing at them in an unkind way.

        It’s weird, right?

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        1. Nice. Someone listened! I agree with enjoying the journey. Mr. Got away… I got mine back! You should give it a try! Maybe it’s better as a sweet memory? Hey, nothing weird about the laughing bit! I’ve worked with challenged adults AND children. It is so hard NOT to laugh!!! So adorable when they are serious. 😆😉

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          1. Mr. Got Away… Mmmm… Yeah. No… He is not just a sweet memory.

            He DID listen! He went back into the annals of his mind to give me my own answer back… ☺️

            Sometimes that means a slow boat or train, sometimes that means enjoying the transitional journey.

            I find it so hard to be serious, but that is part of why I do so well with troubled kids. When they’re being a clown I don’t punish them for it, I teach them the first 2 rules of comedy: timing and knowing the audience. Then I offer them a time and audience if they give me their time and attention then.

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  3. 1) To see my novel made into a movie, visit The Hermitage in St. Petersburg (happening this summer!), Greenland
    2) I was a teacher for almost 25 years–I’ve heard more funny things than I can count!
    3) 10:46 am, 1 degree Celsius which is around 34 F!

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  4. 1. Ride horses again. Visit Ireland. Learn to paint.
    2. “Auntie guess what I got at kindergarten today? (her first day of school) I got a genda!”
    3. 9am, Alberta Canada, 12°F/-11°C

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  5. One of my novels made into a BBC drama. Go on a ship all the way to Australia via a few other places, perhaps a berth on a freight ships. Go to Scandinavia.
    We took our youngest grandchildren to Wimborne model village and it was perfect as the little ones could squat down and peer into tiny shop windows. The three year old kept telling other adults it wasn’t real!
    Pouring with rain about 8 degrees.

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  6. 1. I do not. If I did it would contain things like “survive unaided in space,” “fly through galaxies under my own power,” and “live forever.” The world doesn’t contain my bucket list stuff so I make do with what I got. 😏🤜💥🤛😁

    2. My nieces first words were “Stupid flies!” We laughed til we cried.

    3. It is approximately 8:35 and 14 seconds on a Sunday, and the temperature outside is 51 degrees. I’m about to go help my neighbor move in a new hot tub. I told you more than you asked for. 🙂

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  7. 1. Yes and no. It needs a revamp. But one that’s been there for ages is to roller-skate.
    2. A little boy in a clothes shop pointer to the cashier and said “tits!”. It was a male cashier, so I was a bit confused.
    3. Time 6.10pm, temperature f-f-f-fucking-freeeeezing 😂Want to swap?

    Aww the kid you heard sounds happy! We need more of that in the world.xx

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  8. 1. Train travel…here, anywhere, particularly Euro Tunnel for the 2nd time and around France or through Europe.
    2. “Mammy, I want to go to bed”…sorry I lie, I never heard it in all my years parenting but it would have been so funny if I did!
    3. 3 degrees celsius, yellow weather warning for snow over the next few days.

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  9. Hi Kim, loved your answers and your new picture is beautiful as always!

    1. I don’t have a bucket list but right off the top of my head: complete my PsyD, learn to speak Cherokee, become a Solid Gold Dancer (i think i am a little late on this one)

    2. My sister yelled at the top of her lungs, “what’s that noise” while a lady was singing a solo in church.

    3. 8pm / 34 degrees F

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    1. I’m about one step from going with a cartoon picture for my profile pic! I hate selfies!😆😆😆
      Going after the degree, a legendary language and a Solid Gold Dancing career! You know the 80s are back! I remember making my boyfriend take me home early Friday nights so I could watch Solid Gold! (I got so sick of ToTo always performing!😆) keep the dream alive!!! Your sister! That was so funny!!! Thanks my friend!💜

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  10. Kim,
    I do…somewhere! Damn, where did I put that bucket list?
    On it (wherever it is) is getting organized, traveling to ancient sites listed on Ancient Aliens, and writing a best-selling book!
    My six-year-old, vivacious granddaughter was excited because she knew what the “f” word was then proceeded to yell it out — FART.
    It’s 7:05 p.m. and 58 degrees.

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