What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #34)

W.A.Y. is back! Sunday, quick questions! I have genuinely missed you all. Let’s get back into the questions!

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

1. What was your favorite ‘thing’ (food, event, or other) that you experienced on Thanksgiving Day? (That was Thursday the 28th of November for those who don’t celebrate, what did you do?)

2. What is one thing you find yourself doing more and more that you always told yourself you would NEVER do?

3. What is a handy little ‘item’ you own, use frequently, but you didn’t think you’d use when you bought or received it? (Share the knowledge!)


  1. The hubby and I went to a proper laundry mat and washed clothes! Seriously. I love laundry mats. You can do 4 loads, wash AND dry, in two hours! Amazing.
  2. I USUALLY don’t engage in disagreements anymore. Someone, on one of my W.A.Y. Quick Questions one Sunday said, “if it won’t matter in ten years, why bother?” I totally agree! I am a much calmer and happier person.
  3. A cover/lid thingy for plates in the microwave so your food doesn’t splatter. It is the best money I ever spent!!!


    1. Hi George! Guess who’s coming to your house for dinner on Thursday? 😆 I love mac n cheese! Spending money… oh man! There just always seems to be one more thing you ‘need’ to buy. I think the antique compass would be so cool to own! Thanks George! 😊

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  1. My favorite of all the things from the three thanksgivings I went to was the cup of tea I had in the morning alone.

    Worrying and doubting myself.

    Wheelchair. I thought once I got my prosthetic I would never use my chair but I do every day. I realized that crutching into a room where there may be water on the floor is a life hazard so I use my chair instead.

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    1. There is something to be said for the alone time you get before the holiday hustle! I enjoy that time too! I think loosing a limb, leaving a bad situation, and such… not only did you make it through but as an adult you were not willing to blame anyone, revisiting how you arrived at these times and places shows how deeply affected you were! It makes sense to me that there’d be a time of reflection. Great decision on the wheelchair use! Life hazards are to be avoided! Great answers Kit! Thank you!💜🦋

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    1. B. It’s ok. They say memory is the first thing to go😉. You ARE taking better care of yourself. That’s great! I stopped taking the bait and arguing so that’s taking better care of myself too! Yay! An iron!?!? 😆😂😆! I have really relearned to only get what I need as well. I donate a lot, guess I’m still learning! Thanks my friend! 💜🦋

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  2. Yaaay, I love the Sunday questions, glad to see them back!
    1. Can’t remember this morning let alone Thursday. Is that a trick question? 😂
    2. Going through every loaf of bread to find the ‘least squashed’ loaf, and each pack of meat to find the prettiest looking… just like my mother does…
    3. Hot water bottle. I use it year-round now since having a stoma as it’s comforting for tummy pains and stoma problems. A hot water bottle is for life, not just for winter!

    Those lid things for the microwave are great, always need that when cooking something on a plate rather than a ready meal with it’s own plastic cover. xx

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    1. Trick question? Hahaha… now that you mention it, uh-oh, wasn’t meant that way! You’re mastery of sandwich akin get must be stellar! Every single piece of meat and bread? Well ok then!!! The hot water bottle bottle is a lifestyle!👊🏻 tru dat sister! Ahhhhh… it’s nice to be back!😊💜🎉

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  3. Great to have What About You back again. I read this while we were out and I’ve had all afternoon to think of the answers, but still difficult…

    1. Thursday is housework day in this house.
    2. Hearing myself sounding like my mother.
    3. My smart phone, I went 3 years without a mobile phone at all, but when a second hand smart phone was passed on to me I was soon taking pictures and going on line and checking my blogs…

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    1. You do Thursdays, I do Wednesday’s normally! Sounding like mom. Sometimes when certain words escape our lips, we certainly can hear our moms. I get freaked out! Smart phones are life changers for sure! Thanks Janet! So fun.😊💜💫


  4. Hey Kim,
    I read this this morning and I’ve spent all day long thinking through your questions. Sooo….
    1) I got to watch the Macy’s Day Parade on TV because I didn’t cook this year. I haven’t seen it in years! My favorite balloon/float was ALL OF THEM! Also, Lauren, David, Ryan and I sat around the radio and listened and engaged to Alice’s Restaurant. That’s two things. I loved them both, though!
    2) Cell phone. It’s attached to me. Help!
    3) My Nook. Didn’t use it for years. But with limited space for books and magazines, it’s become a Godsend!
    I’m so excited you’re back! I hope you don’t mind, but in tomorrow’s blog, I give you a shout out! BECAUSE I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK!

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    1. Mona!!! Yay! Thanks missed you! Shout away I do not mind! Oh- ok… back in control😉. The Macy’s Day Parade! I watched that too. First time in many years! I’m with you, I loved it all!!! I was wondering if you were keeping up with Alice’s R. Terrific! The cell phone! OMG! That’s one of mine too… I feel if we just don’t resort to fanny packs to carry our phones in we are OK. (You didn’t go to the dark side with a fanny pack yet, have you???) Your nook sounds lovely! And me? Are you ready?😆💜🦋

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  5. 1. The wife made an amazing meal, topped with succulent gravy. So awesome. I had several beers, and had football on while Christmas music rang through the house. Sublime. My boys were well-behaved, hilarious, and loving. Perfect. My favorite thing about the day, though, despite all of that excellence? I finally got my office cleaned up! I’m nothing if not obsessive. 😏

    2. Obsess about cleaning.

    3. Last year, my refrigerator quit. I had it for 15 years, and had wanted the new slate color when it came out. We had just bought the house a month before. We had a fridge on special, in my color, at the store, so I bought it. The wife quickly told me that all the white appliances would not do in the shadow of the grey behemoth, so I bought her all new appliances to match. I know a guy. 😉 One of the items I purchased was a dishwasher and it had that new third-rack that has become all the craze. I sold a few of them with the rack since they came out but thought it was completely useless and in the way. I figured I’d remove it immediately. That rack is the most useful thing ever put in a dishwasher. Spatulas. Long knives. Travel mug lids. Dipping bowls. I fill that thing UP! Now, I sell more dishwashers with the third rack than any of them (and, consequently, make more money on my dishwasher sells) because I KNOW. How’s that for useless to exceptionally useful? 🙂

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    1. Kudos to Mrs. C. Sounds like a lovely yummy meal. (God I love gravy). Office is clean?!?! And winding down with obsessive cleaning about it and knowing it! OMG. I’ll send my husband to live with you for 24 hours… that’s it. In 24 hours he will defeat you. Promise! Haha! The 3rd rack dishwasher? It sounds awesome! Stuff flies around in the dishwasher… makes perfect sense and nets you a little extra in sales. Nice! Really awesome! Thanks brother Tom!😊💫

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  6. 1. i kept my mouth shut, but I so wanted to scream my bloody head off!
    2. sit
    3. notebooks, i bought several journal type notebooks because I thought they were cool looking, but I am using all of them 🙂

    so happy your Sunday questions are back and you were able to get to a real laundrymat

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