What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #32)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Pinball or air hockey?
  2. If you were asked to direct a series on TV, what genre would you pick?
  3. What is the first video game you remember playing?


  1. Air Hockey!!!
  2. Horror. I think it would be a challenge to do something scary without the blood and gore. Definitely, horror.
  3. We got an Atari game system for Christmas one year. I played a tennis game when I played.


  1. 1. I tried playing pinball once with a blindfold on; cotton wool stuffed in my ears promising my self I wouldn’t make a sound – just like the Pinball Wizard song. It didn’t work out well. I’ve never played air hockey but I’ll run with that.
    2. Football – I think Americans call it soccer. I’d direct the Channel I worked for to cover all the games of my team, The Arsenal are playing so I’d then be getting into home and away games free of charge.
    3. I should know the answer to this but don’t. I’ve been gaming forever but cannot remember the first game I played, I’ve played that many!

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    1. Pinball, no sight or sound. That would be a wild way to try to play! And you found pinball wizardry was no for you! Yes, air hockey… you’ve got to find a table and play! (Yes, we call it soccer.) I would actually watch your show. Following one team through a season would be cool. You could highlight a player a week or something? Not only would you get in for free, you’d probably get paid! Can’t remember the fist video game? That’s OK, you are definitely a gamer! Lots of years gaming. Thanks George!

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  2. 1. Air hockey – you can vent a little more violent rage on that.
    2. Crime!!
    3. I wish I knew! Seriously, there was a game I played on our first computer, this monstrous clunker of a thing. The game was on a floppy disk. I vaguely remember a sensation, a sound effect, and something about gold coins. I spent hours once searching retro games to find the name of it but never did. It remains a mystery!

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    1. Air hockey! (I think that’s still my favorite game to play at our small town game center… we have a Casey’s that has video games, air hockey, miniature golf and little race cars, so fun!) I would definitely watch a tv show about your novel. That would be wonderful! I think it was Atari pong! I couldn’t remember the name pong, Margie helped me out. Atari you played on your TV. Wow. Thanks, Janet!😊💜💫


  3. Kim,
    How do you come up with these very cool questions? Let’s see…
    1) I like both! So if I’m by myself, pinball. If I’m with someone else, air hockey!
    2) Ancient Aliens or one of those kind of shows!
    3) Pong and then Pac Man! 😊
    Hugs, Mona

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  4. Pinball…no, Air Hockey…no, Pinball…no…oh I can’t decide. Depends on the Pinball game I think.
    Sci-fi / Supernatural…maybe animated
    Pong, THE first video game. And I wasn’t very good at it either. 😆

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    1. You are on to something. Why choose? It has to depend on the caliber of game we decide not to play! I’d play Wonder Woman pinball, but I’d pass on the 6 Million Dollar Man… I don’t have anything against the 6 Million Dollar Man but I’d prefer air hockey! 😆 Wen, Yes! An animated, sci-fi, super cool Wendy program. I’d watch! Cheers to pong! Thanks, Wen!😊💜

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  5. 1. When I was 15 and 16 I was one of the pack leaders in my church youth group (yes, I was Christian before I converted). We would do the skating thing every Wednesday night and, of course, when we weren’t skating we were playing air hockey. It’s been years since I played but it was way too much fun! I tried pinball once or twice and it bored the bejeezus out of me. Come to think of, getting the bejeezus out of me is the central theme of this response. 😉

    2. Superheroes! What the world needs now is a group of ragtag do-gooders with superhuman powers standing above the fray, risking it all on a weekly basis to save the world – and indeed the universe – from the dark things attempting to destroy it, like Thanos or Satan or the 49ers head coach or Donald Trump. 😁

    3. I think it was Breakout on my brother’s Atari. Adventure was my favorite!

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    1. Hey! We did the skating thing on Wednesday nights too! It was a Lutheran thing… also before I found the church of PBR. Hmmm… Cheers brother! I would definitely watch your series on Super Heroes! Oh my lord. Just think of the names you could come up with! I’m already a fan! Big Fan. Stick with Satan and the 49ers head coach, don’t bother with the Donald.(Remember, I want to watch this!) And the Atari comes in for the last inning! I think a lot of kids had Atari. The way my mother told it, NO ONE else in the whole wide world had it and we should only be so lucky that we did! HAHAHA. Bravo brother Tom. Another no hitter! 🙂

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  6. 1. Pinball
    2. Comedy, but not just ‘regular’ comedy something along the lines of Seinfeld–something people either ‘get’ and love; or simply don’t understand why others love it.
    3. Atari, and I never enjoyed it enough to even remember the game I played on it. I thought it was dumb how all my friends could sit for hours doing something that boring. Never been one for video games then; still am not now. I’d rather read a book (or a blog post, LOL!)

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    1. Pinball! OK! And you will direct a fantastic comedy! I never really could understand Seinfeld, talking about a toothbrush for the whole 1/2 hour but I sure as heck watched it! That’s a hook! YEs, the novelty of the Atari was preferred to pinball or air hockey… but not by me! One of my friends had an air hockey table but no TV! Her parents thought TV’s were evil. How does that even work? She also read my tarot ‘cards’ to me. HAHAHA! It was great fun.

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