I’ll Sing You to Me (Roots)

They said. No, I say!!! I mean who, what, when, and where. Period.

“My roots won’t keep me warm.”

Roots by the fantastic Grace Davies.

I sang you to me.



        1. Sorry. I’m living in a ‘temporary’ situation that has triggered every childhood dilemma I’ve ever experienced. (They said.) As an adult, I’ve had to call on my husband to run interference and he has! (I say.) My life is my own- who I married, where I live, how I spend MY time… (I say.) But, John… they keep it up, they keep talking about me… these are MY people, my roots. It’s not cool. My husband handles it, I’m a basket case, he handles that too… I can deal with this living situation only because he’s here. I love my husband. Don’t know where I’d be without him… we will grow old together. My roots won’t hold me back. (My roots won’t keep me warm.) Funny how you can find what you need in a song… singing a person to you… often a song says it all. Me? My words are not always clear! It’s been a tumultuous time. You have a great day John! 💫

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