Let’s Get Married! (Magic Memory)

The hubby and I started dating a bit later in life… I was 37, and he was 43. (Yes, we have known each other our entire lives.) Once we began dating in September of 2003, we moved in together about six months later and were married in October of 2004. We already knew each other’s families, and there wasn’t any mystery or surprises… but there was love, moving from loving each other as only friends to being in love with each other. (There is a big difference.)

The proposal…

Me: Are we thinking we are going to have kids?

Jeff: I don’t know.


Sure if you want to.

I want to be married.


Because we have 15 nieces and nephews, who are looking to us to set an example!

Let’s start planning…

(Romantic, no?)

Picking the venue…

Me: We should get married at the Boy Scout camp.

Jeff: You’d agree to that? Because I think we should. It’s perfect for a wedding! I’ve always thought that’d be the perfect place!

We can’t just do Vegas? Little white chapel? Elvis impersonator? If it was good enough for Brittany Spears… (Kim sings) 🎵🎶 I’m a genie in a bottle baby… 🎶🎵

No! No way, I’m not interested. We will get married with our families surrounding us.

At the Boy Scout camp?


Securing the venue… Camp Wilderness Boy Scout Camp.

Jeff: This is perfect. Chapel in the Pines.

Kim: This is gonna take some work! I think I want to be a genie in a bottle


Alright! This will be just great!

(To be continued…)

Let’s remember to thank Brittany for my vocals! (Christina!)

I’m a genie in a bottle. Brittany Spears Christina Aguilera!!!


    1. Yes, we always ‘discussed’ everything… even if we should date and how to handle the families (since our parents were best friends) if we broke up… blah, blah, blah……🙄 the Chapel in the Pines… we chose October and the pines were green and all the foliage was fire red! Damn. It was pretty, Bo. I still wanted Vegas tho! 🥴💜

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    1. Al fresco… I’ve said those words and never knew what they meant! I just found out what merde means yesterday! It’s new words for me week! Your nieces wedding sounds lovely. Anything with the word Edinburgh sounds dreamy to a yankee like me! Thanks Brigid! My. I missed you! 😊💜

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  1. How lovely. We got married in the ruins of a mission, just celebrated 15 years on the 3rd.
    When our officiant was putting the ceremony together she asked Stuart how he proposed and he said he didn’t, well I didn’t, so how did we get there? 🤔😆🤣

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    1. I know! We had to do the pre-marriage counseling courses in order for our minister dude to be able to marry us… Jeff and I couldn’t remember either! Well, it was kind of a muddled mess! I remember you telling me of your beautiful ceremony… your wedding pictures! Gorgeous! I coveted Stuart’s shirt… I was on the hunt for that forever until I learned from you it’s at JCPennys! Hahaha. We were getting hitched at the same time! We will hit 15 years on the 10th of October! 2004 was a great year.😊💜💜💝


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