What about You? (Sunday Quick Questions #29)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. It is a bakery day! All the proper items are laid out in front of you… its also no calorie nor allergy day!!! What tasty bakery item will you pick? 
  2. It’s library day! You are at an incredible library, and you get to check out two books. What two genres are you going to pick out?
  3. What if the “Hokey Pokey” IS (REALLY) what it’s all about?


  1. Bakery day! I’d choose vanilla filled Long John! (A pastry filled with pudding and has chocolate on top, yum!)
  2. First I’d head to the true crime section, I like crime dramas, I really like crime documentaries. So I pick up one of those and then I’d head to the coffee table/travel books section. I’d get a book with beautiful pictures in it about a place I’d like to visit!
  3. If this is true… I’d put myself in and turn myself around!


  1. 1. Pretty much every day my lunch is a Pain aux raisin with a glass of tap water. Does that count?
    2. Science fiction and history. I read a book on the Hundred Year War recently. The bit with Joan of Arc was informative. I’d been to the spot where the English burnt her (in Rouen, France – her downfall, when they couldn’t find her guilty of much else, was that of dressing like a bloke) as a kid and had always wanted to know more about her. I never realized how bossy she was.
    3. I don’t know what Hokey Pokey is. If it was ‘Hokey Pokey III’ I’d probably think it was a famous American bloke (I hadn’t heard of, obviously – otherwise I’d know for certain) or a method of prodding people ‘hokey’ style, whatever that might be or a punk rock band.

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    1. Pain aux raisin I have no idea what that is!😂🤣😂 sure! It sounds yummy. Science fiction and history. Great genres to pick! I do know a bit about Joan of Arc. She is rather fascinating but if I’d met her in person I may have suggested a nice vacation and rest. Famous American bloke! Fabulous answer! Then again, ‘Pokey’ would seem to entail poking. The punk rock band named the Hokey Pokey! That’s hysterical George. I love your ideas, let’s go with them. I don’t even want to tell you what the Hokey Pokey is as your ideas are far more interesting! Another Sunday successfully in the books for you, George! Have a great day!😊💫

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      1. Pain aux raisin is a circular beautiful sticky, pastry (croissant like) loaded with raisins and brushed with a sticky glaze. Very French. When I’m not living on mushrooms I eat these. ~ George

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    1. Brioche bun! Janet, you had me stumped! I had to look that up. Those buns look yummy! I also like your book picks. I definitely could hang out with you at the bakery and the library. Fun! Gosh, wouldn’t life indeed be simple? 🎶🎵🎶 Thats what its all about!😊💫

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  2. 1. I am a cookie fanatic. There’s a place in town called “The Cookie Jar” that makes the most exquisite cookies; I’ll eat just about any kind. But if you want to make one all peanut-buttery with chips of chocolate (or better yet, M&Ms!) in ’em, you win my heart. Bake me some cookies, please!*

    2. As you know I love to read about politics, social sciences, and government so I’d head straight to that section first. I might find two gems right there. But if I had to peruse another I’d head to the self-improvement section to see if there’s a Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi book I somehow missed.** If I’ve read them all I might read one again (“The Evolving Self” is my fave) or head on over to the “History of Comics” section and grab a Stan Lee biography or one of those “How The Comic Industry Was Tied To The Mafia” type yarns. If a couple of people hand me their “two book” passes I’ll then head over and find one of those classics I’ve always intended to read but haven’t yet, like “Slaughterhouse Five” or “Fahrenheit 451.” 🙂

    3. Then I won’t need those books.

    *But if you decide to make me a chocolate cake, with custard filing and whipped cream frosting I won’t complain.
    **Pronounced “chick-sent-me-high.” You’re welcome. 😉

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    1. Dang! I’ll bake you some killer cookies… but my gift is meatloaf. I am absolutely a gifted meatloaf maker. Far less fun but practical! Politics and Tom… who knew? HAHAHA. I think I’d peruse a bookstore with you. I’d read a book by “chicksentmehigh”! Currently I’m on a book about an FBI profiler. The author is “chickbetterNOTbehigh”. 😉 How WAS the Mafia tied to comic industry? I feel you have a blog to write. Your classics, brother Tom are not like mine. If we played ‘one of these things is not like the other’… Jane Austin wouldn’t make the cut! And you are correct! If the Hokey Pokey is what its all about, reading isn’t relavant! HA! Bravo!

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      1. To be honest I like meatloaf even better than cookies! Cookies really don’t go with beer, but … by gum … meatloaf does! So, a meatloaf it is. Can we put on some Meatloaf while we bake our meatloaf? I would do anything for love, you know, but I won’t do that. Two outta three ain’t bad, ya know. Oh for crying out loud, you took the words right out of my mouth.

        Okay, enough Meatloaf quotes.

        I’ll have to summarize my readings about comics and organized crime when time permits. Could make an interesting blog!

        “ChickbetterNOTbehigh”! 🤣 You’re killing me, Kim! 🤣🤣🤣

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        1. Beer does go with meatloaf… especially ‘on a hot summer night…’ glad I made you laugh… I couldn’t NOT take the bait you so graciously threw out!😉 Time permitting, I’ll be looking for that blog! You better clear it with ‘Sal’ or ‘Paulie’ before you find yourself sleeping with the fishes! BAM!

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  3. 1- Inside my head the question of a bakery leaves me wondering because inside my head lives the “in New York” thing where there are a multitude of bakery types. If I’m at a savory bakery, it’s an everything bagel with chive cream cheese. At a Greek owned bakery, baklava. If it’s Italian, cannoli. If it’s French, either a baguette with butter and coffee OR a croissant. If it’s the typical Midwest bakery that has a little of everything… cherry and cheese danish or an old fashioned sour cream doughnut.

    2- A mystery and something on psychology.

    3- I’d put my right foot in and then my right foot out, I would put my right foot in and then shake it all about before doing the hokey pokey and turning myself around. Then when I would go to put my left foot in I’d go through an existential crisis because if that’s what it is all about I’m screwed.

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    1. Kit, we must go on a bakery tour… my lord, I’ve lived in the midwest for too long. Lets hit the big apple and tour the town! Bright lights, big city, many bakeries… yassss! I like your book picks. Lets get the books and go on the bakery tour. Between the two of us we could eat and read all damn day! You go girl, get that right foot in and out… the left, well crisis averted! Stick with me, if we are in new york we will have an incredible left (for high heels) made! Of course we will be painting toenails… and money will be no object! When do we leave for New York?!?!?

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  4. 1. A chocolate chip cookie the size of my head. Bigger, preferably.
    2. Yaaaay I love libraries! I’d go for American crime thriller, and maybe one true crime.
    3. I can’t even pretend to understand the Hokey Pokey. It’s a mystical curse that we’re tricked into performing as children, totally unaware to the monsters we’re raising from the dead!

    PS. Are they really called “long john’s” over there? Funny name, but sounds yum! xx

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    1. Bigger is better. Yes, size matters! ha! I know what you read Caz, and I love it!!! Hokey Pokey, is that what we were doing… raising the dead? Atleast they let us perform the ‘seance’ on roller skates. Maybe they felt better knowing if successful we had a better chance of escaping!!! It is all beginning to make sense…
      ~Yes! small town bakeries, they are indeed called long johns! Probably because that would be the only article of clothing that would still fit if you ate too many of these scrumptious pastries. xo

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    1. There is snickerdoodle bread…??? right on! Jodi Picoult NEVER disapoints. I’m going to get a Picoult book. I like her books! The creepy Hokey Pokey… I never knew until I asked the question… hahahaha! Thanks! Loved your answers, come back and play every Sunday! Yay! (Love the name FMSunShine! Too cool.)

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  5. Kim,
    Okay, there’s a restaurant that makes these apple and huckleberry tarts…to die for!!!!! If you live in the DFW area of Texas, y’all check out Lazy Dog Cafe for the best damn tarts! You’re welcome. Maybe I’d have them drizzle a little chocolate over the top since it’s a no-calorie bakery day! And can I have mine with a scoop of vanilla, please? Cuz, why not!
    Books? Ah, yes! I recently got a lot of responses to a post where I asked for the names and authors of books my readers recommend. So the genres I’d go with are humor (always) and biography or autobiography! Maybe. Hmmm…That’s just too difficult. Some of the history stuff sounded really interesting. Also, whatever James Herriot writes. Also, there’s a reason I try and stay away from the library. I always get in trouble. I never want to return the books. *sigh*
    And Baby, I’m gonna put it all in and shake it all around! Cuz that’s what it’s all about!
    Fun Sunday questions!


    1. Lazy Dog Cafe! To cool!!! Tarts? Yes! apple and huckleberry… I’m drooling then the chocolate and ice cream. I am ON MY WAY GIRL!!! You are a library fiend! (ME too.) I’m surprised I’ve never been laughed at when I carry my ‘load’ to the desk to check out my books… I like the genres you’d choose… lookout cause I’m feeling a need to check out some books! REAL soon! You go lil’ momma!!! Put it ALL in and show that Hokey Pokey that it IS what that’s all about. Yasssss! HAHAHA! I LOVED your answers, Mona!!! HAHAHA, super fun! Bravo! xoxo


  6. Loved your responses Kim! 🙂

    1. Bread, any and all kinds of bread. I have had to elminate grains and I so miss bread…….i would bake all day long and eat every single loaf 🙂 until I passed out in a carb coma.

    2. I love libraries and I would read something that made me laugh and another that would tell me everything was going to be ok. So……..I would probably need some assistance in finding such books. Then find a quiet corner and a comfy chair and stay all day.

    3. If the hokey pokey is what it’s all about, I am going to be pissed that I keep paying my taxes! 🙂

    Have a blessed day my friend.


    1. Wendi! ooohhhh… the carb comas… I remember those fondly. b-r-e-a-d… I will dream well tonight my friend. For your book choices, I guess, “Librarian to the front to help this lady!!!” Yes, those books would be a great read. Comedies and overall well being, do those books exist and if so, I’d like a few copies! Taxes!!! That’d be such a rude Hokey Pokey awakening! What a bunch of wasted YEARS doing taxes. HAHAHA! Brilliant. Loved you answers, my friend! xoxo

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  7. Well, if no calorie, no allergy means no worries then: a cream puff – the real old-fashioned kind. Not with this whipped fluffy crap they put in ’em now, but custard — with a swirl of pink icing on top. But good Lord, hard to choose – now you’ve made me hungry.

    Yeah, probly a Swedish crime thriller, and Russian History: the complete how the nation was formed history.
    Check it out: ( his) (story). Not herstory. Sometimes in there somewhere but you really have to dig.

    Hip bump😆 hip bump;😆hip bump

    Thanks ladyK, your Sunday questions are fun.🔖

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    1. Yes! The cream puff! The flaky custard filled goodness! Lord don’t stop at the pink icing… drooling… I like your book picks! A Swedish Crime thriller! I didn’t know it was a thing! I’m definitely checking that out! Russian history… I’ve been trying to watch an English dubbed Ekaterina or Catherine the Great show in Russian. That’s a hard nugget to crack, Russian History but I’m game! I’m getting the ‘his’ of the history point, I think…🤔🤔🤔 and hip bump to the Hokey Pokey now hip bump ALL in! Love it Kate! Yasss! 😂🤣😂 cool answers! Thanks! The ladyK makes me smile!


  8. Nicest sounding long john’s I’ve ever heard of Kim!
    I’d pick Blackforest gateaux with extra black cherries and kirsch!
    The psychology/philosophy/self-help sections…actually just let me inside any library!
    “Hokey Pokey”….so “that’s what it’s all about”…why didn’t anyone tell me, life will never throw me a curve ball ever again!!

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    1. Yep. I’d wear them!!!😆 whoa… what is this my friend, Blackforest gateaux??? I’m gonna google you! Along with the kirsch! All I got was the black cherries and if that has anything to do with chocolate, lets do dessert!!! The library psychology section… once I go into that section I’m never heard from until they throw me out at closing time! Now you KNOW the Hokey Pokey could be what it’s all about! Game on! Thanks Marie! Very cool answers! 😊💜


  9. I love the Great British Bake Off and have dozens of things I’d like to try! A pavlova, different flavor macarons, an opera cake, a genuine sponge with Italian buttercream…..so many desserts, so little time.
    I like funny supernatural kinda spooky stuff, like Christopher Moore, or A. Lee Martinez. (Men in Black but usually with vampires). And I adore Neil Gaiman a different kind of fantasy. Good Omens, was recently released as a mini series on Amazon Prime, American Gods, Coraline, Star Dust (all books made into series or film)…so I go to those genres first. Then I’ll go to either some kind of art, Buddhist, or health book…so, nonfiction.
    Um, well EVERY body better turn themselves around! and I just looked up the origins of that song, it’s very convoluted, no one really knows. Could be about ice cream. So, if that’s what it’s all about, I feel bad for lactose intolerant people.
    🤔 💕

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    1. I can’t even stop laughing! Poor lactose intolerant people if the Hokey Pokey is indeed what it’s all about! Oh my god. Funny!🤣😆😂 ok, recovering… When you go on your delish dessert fantasy tour… I’m your wing man! I’m all in Wen! Yummm…. The book picks, I love the Spooky TV shows but I’ve never tried to read a spooky novel. Well, I tried IT by Stephen King. I KNOW! Everyone said the most difficult King novel is not where to start… but I didn’t know this before I began. So, Moore, Martinez, Gaitmen (Good Omens). I think I’ll check them out! Love new ideas. Always remember to put your right foot in🎵🎵🎶… shake it all about! Very cool answers Wen! 😊💜


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