Moody Monday (Visitors)



Leaves were falling

the air crisp,

pain palpable

Anger pushed forward.


Winter brought snow

one tear fell,

another broke free.

The sadness of it all.


Its name is Grief

it asked to stay.

I agreed,

but only for a little while.


Cardinals sang in the spring

I met Surrender,

Grief bid me farewell.

Only Surrender and I remain.



    1. Nothing to be done, your are right! Now to just get to know Surrender and stop looking for Grief and/or Anger to simply feel alive. I think sometimes doing nothing is the healthiest decision we can come to. You know what I mean, Bo. Not every step in live has to be about a battle… we can just ‘be.’

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  1. Its name is Grief

    it asked to stay.

    I agreed,

    but only for a little while………this is so very profound………and heartbreaking……….and very understandable. The seasons felt like the stages we go ( and go through again ) while dealing with chronic illness. beautifully written, and it evoked a ton of emotions.

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    1. Thanks Wendi. Sincerely. Yes, these stages; Pain, Anger, Grief, and even Surrender are what we experience with a chronic illness… Maybe not in that order and maybe not that fast or maybe a lot slower. Each faces their own visitors… these were mine, sounds like they stopped by your house too? xo

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      1. I think they stop by a lot of our houses Kim, over and over as we continue to experience losses over and over with our illnesses. The stages come in waves for me…I can’t stop them, but I can learn to surf. (To steal a phrase from Jon Kabat-Zinn). xo

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  2. I find joy in this but not certain if I am hearing what was meant. Surrender is acceptance. Acceptance does not mean it’s over. It just means, okay, I’ve come to this truth. Now I am more prepared and empowered as I travel this road. Could this be interpreted this way? Miss you, Kim.

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    1. Absolutely! The surrendering, act of – definitely can be define negatively or positively! That’s the beauty of a poem, I think. Your reader is given full reign, to read it as they need to and make it memorable! Very cool to hear your take! Thanks, Jayne!😊💜


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