What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #23)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. If you are of drinking age, do you know what’s in an Old Fashioned?
  2. Who’s hair do you covet?
  3. What’s your favorite internet site to visit (for fun)?


  1. Yes! My grandpa’s favorite drink. The key is to start with a little sugar water…I will let you answer before I share the recipe!
  2. MEG RYAN’S HAIR! Love all her styles.
  3. Just for fun – YouTube! I can spend an entire day finding weird/cool things on YouTube and learn how to do them as well.


    1. Yes Janet, lords and ladies with serious hair and the independent women with only one name! (Madonna thought she was brilliant using one name… pffft! It’s been done.) I watched the video! Ahhhh-haha. Now, when things go sideways I’m just going to start yelling, “Benton,” that was# hysterical. Beautiful park to play in I bet.😊


    1. I worked my way though college bartending, but the bar I worked at never stocked bitters… and a few other very important mixes, so I made shit up! 😂🤣😆🤣 looked up Charlotte Gainsbourg. Yes, really nice hair! That’s a great one to covet. Thanks Michelle! Houzz. Hello! I’ve never checked their


  1. 1. Yes, though it’s been years since I had one. It’s usually whiskey with sugar and bitters and garnished with orange. Your gramps has good taste.
    2. Anyone that’s got thick hair! I used to moan when I was little that my hair was too thick because some girl friends has finer hair that they always did pretty things with theirs while my mother had mine cut mine into a frumpy bob. Now it’s too thin and too gappy.
    3. I’d agree with YouTube. Funny clips, weird stuff, interviews, tutorials, music videos, film trailers, silly cat/dog videos. Hours of endless browsing…was there life before YouTube?

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    1. Nailed the old fashioned! My grandpa had champagne taste on a beer budget. OH! He helped build the Canadian Highway! You are Welcome! Whoops, YOU aren’t Canadian.
      We always want what we don’t have… hence the home perm horror stories!
      YouTube. There wasn’t life before it. I’m sure of it. This week was good questions for you! YAY! Thanks, CAZ!


  2. 1. Lemonade?

    2. As Hannibal Lecter once told Clarice, we start to covet what we see every day. But the good book tells us not to covet our neighbor’s wife so I can’t covet hair I see outside the house everyday. Also, neither of my neighbors have wives. I guess what I’m saying is that the only hair I see every day that I can covet is Mrs C’s. Also, Andy Travis’ from WKRP. Now that was some nice hair!

    3. Facebook, easily. I’m there most of the time laughing with friends and family or stirring up some form of useless political or musical debate. Just yesterday, as a matter of fact, I told one nephew-in-law that the president was a racist (he disagreed, saying he’s “just a xenophobe”) and started a discussion thread about “Billy Joel’s best song.” Got a lot of responses to that one! Love Billy Joel. Does that make me an old fashioned?

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    1. Tom you old fashioned, coveting Billy Joel (and WKRP Andy’s hair) touting brother! I can not stop laughing. OMG! The neighbor’s wives, WKRP, xenophobe, and Billy Joel. I don’t know what year it is, what day, even the time! I’m just sitting here LMAO… thanks brother Tom! I soooo needed to read this today!

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  3. Kim,
    No, but is that like a “New Fangled” but made with the good stuff? I wish I had my 19-year-old head of hair. And body. And energy. *sigh* (and Joni Mitchell sings in my head…”you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone…”) I likes the Ted Talks, Kim. All of the Ted Talks! So I guess that would be YouTube or is YouTube the platform? 🙂 Mona

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    1. Yes! Sometimes orange is added. Depends if you have any in your cupboard! Sandra O DOES have gorgeous hair!!! Yes, the princess hair… *sigh* and we are adding another YouTube fun time watcher! Always love reading answers! LOVE it!!! Thanks, Jayne


            1. ‘One good thing’ this week? Or best moment!? Or write one sentence that includes… ‘word of the week’ could be a humorous, serious, or carefree post, depending on how you set this up. I found Quick Questions work, the reader can spend as much or as little time as preferred… great way to get to know your followers. It will be super fun for you to read and comment! I have had bad weeks where my questions were poor! You learn as you go! 😊👍


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