What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #22)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1.  List three words that touch your soul.
  2. What sound gives you a sense of peace?
  3. Do you attend summer outdoor concerts?


  1. Black. American. Express…! HA. No seriously, the words that touch my soul, “I love You.” 
  2. The sound of a storm; blizzard or rain.
  3. Whenever I can! Love them. Usually at a park, and they are free.



      1. That Arsenal are the football team I support. It’s in general terms I stay sane whenever they win. The new season start next month. I need to here, ‘Arsenal Won Today’ more times than I did last year! You’re dead right about storms ~ George

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        1. We go to the really family friendly free concerts. Like bands just starting out and play city festivals. We did see Belinda Carlisle once in Boston… lord a million years ago! Ha! I’m in Minneapolis, live music is everywhere here. Try a better venue next time, crowds and ‘peoply’ events, no thanks… I hear you! Bummer that was your experience. Would have done it for me. 🙄


  1. These were great questions! I think it is so amazing that you do this on Sunday!
    1. Love, Music and kindness
    2. The sound of the ocean waves bring me so much peace
    3. I try to avoid outdoor concerts during the summer. The heat really takes a lot out of me.

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  2. 1. Mom you rock – ok, i’ve only heard this in my dreams, but hey, dreams can come true 🙂
    2. The wind through the trees!
    3. Love music, heat and crowds can be overwhelming but if I am well enough, absolutely!
    So enjoyed reading your answers Kim!

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  3. 1. “It’s On Sale”. Like music to my ears 😂
    2. Birds in the garden (lightly chirping, not the sound of angry birds having a fight over territory).
    3. I have in the past and find they can have such an incredible atmosphere. I actually went into town locally recently where there’s a music festival and ‘fiesta’ on, with a bunch of kids games, a band playing, food and craft stalls, that kind of thing. It was free, too. Maybe these are my top three favourite words instead – “It is free”!

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    1. It is free. Yep! ‘Sale’ 🎶🎵 is indeed a musical word but let’s get down to brass tacks… free💥☄️🌈💫!!! That’s a soul speaker! Haha! And only the nice birds… no angry birds for Caz! I love it!!! I think that’s my favorite answer for the second question! Little town festivals are the best, aren’t they??? Yes! I so agree! Free is especially cool at these festivals😊🎈💜

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  4. 1. “Ice Cold Beer”*

    2. Silence. I think the sound of silence (with apologies to Simon and Garfunkel) is underrated. Alanis Morissette had a line in an old song that went something like, “Why are you so petrified of silence? Here can you handle this:_______________. Did you think about your ex, your bills, your deadlines, or when you think you’re gonna die? Or did you long for the next distraction?” Nothing like a good, long silence to bring a sense of peace.** 🙂

    3. I only do stuff like that if I have to. I don’t sit still well watching other people do stuff. I’d probably stare at my phone the whole time.*** 😉

    *Really, though, it would be “Moxie, Ludo, and Marvel.” 😇
    **Usually interrupted by the worst sound on the planet: a ringing telephone. 👿
    ***Or wander off to find “ice cold beer.” 🍺

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    1. So, I was reading your answers and thought you were trying to curse using * ** ***…. I thought that’s not very TOM of him??? Ha! Yes, Ice. Cold. Beer. Is a nice general use 3 words that can speak to many! “Moxie, Ludo, and Marvel” completely make sense to me🐶🐶🐶 silence, yes. Telephone hate that. You don’t have to sit still at a town fair! My dad use to take us Sunday’s to listen to… well, here’s the thing, remember the word free… country, yodeling, polka, whatever was at the ice rink arena FREE. Then we went to watch the stock cars race! That was summer Saturday’s for quite awhile. Now me and the hubs take in jazz, cover bands, and country for free at festivals… but not if there are too many people. BUT the hubby likes concerts cause he was a music teacher for a few years, that is what he went to college for! Didn’t last long, never liked it much. But he followed in his fathers footsteps! Hell, we even go to see his dad sing in a barbershop quartet! 🎶🎵🎶😳🙄😊 We do.

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    1. Hello Deb! I’m so glad you decided to play! Ooohhhh…. I love your three words, love light and compassion. They should be written in beautiful script. A baby! Laughing. There really is nothing sweeter, alls right with the world, feeling when a baby laughs. Your picky about who you go listen to! That’s good. If it’s free, I go! I’m like a free music hussy! (Is that how you spell hussy?) 🤣😂😂💜


  5. 1. Depends on who’s saying them and in what context. 3 things that touch my soul: Compassion, Love, Respect
    2. The sound of my husband’s laugh
    3. not in a long time. Haven’t had the oportunity. I’m not sure I’d enjoy it, but I’d try. I hear music so differently now. The instruments don’t sound the same and I can’t make out the words, ti’s not so bad if I know the music. And S is very picky, he’s not going to brave a crowd unless he knows he’s going to like it. He’s become such an old man. haha
    Hope you can get to a few concerts this summer.

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  6. I loved these questions!
    1. Godspeed; Serendipitous; Ethereal
    2. My Guy’s laugh
    3. Yes! Not so often but our City Park is two blocks away, the concerts are free and My Guy makes the best picnics ever! If I’m not up to it, I can lie on my outdoor bed on our rooftop deck and hear the music. Somehow I never get the good picnics this way…hmm

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