A Lost Battle (Magic Memory)

Every ten years, since my dad turned 60, we put together a scrapbook for him. We’ve done three. He is 89 and soon will be due for his next book…

I have been spending more time with my parents in the past few months to assist my siblings in their care. Age waits for no one. I was looking at his scrapbooks and a page that I had done jumped out at me. I could literally taste salt. I remembered this taste on my lips after I kissed my brother’s forehead when he passed away on August 18th, 2003 at the Brook Army Medical Center. It felt like some sort of surreal recall. I want to share the scrapbook page.

I will write out the memory that’s on this page so it’s easier to read but I wanted you to see the page. I’m not a gifted scrapbooker, but this is no ordinary memory… this is what I wrote about my brother’s final two days of life.

To Dad:

It was August 17th, 2003.

You and Keith were getting ready to fly out of San Antonio, Texas.

I was getting ready to return to Kory at the hospital.

You turned to me and said, “Your Dad’s gonna stay here with you.”

I felt relief wash through me, I needed you to stay and you did.


It was August 17th, 2003.

I recited the bedtime prayer I knew by heart.

Now I lay me down to sleep… Kory seemed to quiet.

When I finished, you looked at me and said, “You are a good sister to Kory.”

I kissed Kory goodbye.


It was August 18th, 2003.

I left the hospital, you called me.

A mere half hour had passed.

“Kory is gone, you better come back here.”

I returned to the hospital.


It was August 18th, 2003.

You looked up at me and said, “What do we do now?”

In that moment, you needed me and I was there.

In that moment, I truly saw you, a father who had lost his son.

I loved you more and am forever changed and humbled.


Together we brought him home…

To better times. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!




    1. Oh, there are many happy memories! This was a Memory I have with my dad… a difficult one to explain, but we shared an incredible loss, together. We drove back from Texas to Minnesota. That was a time we enjoyed spending together. The scrapbook softens the blow, as we can get stuck in grief… but it’s difficult when there are new babies, new puppies, new homes and marriages, and more – to remain stuck. My wedding pictures, new dog and house purchase are in the following pages! Happy times! Thanks Brigid!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ’«

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  1. This is so beautiful Kim. I was reading through my tears…. Although the memory is of a said occasion, it seems that it also brought joy in the form of an even deeper bond between you and your Dad. Making those scrapbooks for him is such a great idea. I’m sure they mean the world to him. Hope you have a happy Independence Day!

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  2. Oh Kimmo! That is just the best! You are right! Although losing Kory was heart breaking, it truly is a magical memory for you and your dad! Love you!

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  3. Beautiful Kim. You’re such a strong lady and I admire you so much. Thank you for sharing your heart. Great picture of you and your Dad. Happy 4th with much love!
    ~ Tamara

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  4. This was beautiful and touching. I’m so sorry for your loss Kim. πŸ’— How awesome it is that you have the scrapbook to look back on. And the picture of you and your Dad is priceless. 😊

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  5. Oh Kim Β β™₯ The scrapbooking you’ve been doing over the years for your dad is such a lovely idea.
    Isn’t it incredible how a memory is triggered and it can bring to mind a smell or a taste, like salt, so many years later. Your words were beautiful, thank you for sharing this precious memory with us. And I love the photo of you & your pa Β β™₯

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