Does Anyone Ever Get It … Bojana Did!

Does anyone who does not have fibromyalgia ever understand what it’s like to have it? I believed not. I felt people tried! However, after reading this poem from Bojana, I must withdraw my statement, “In order to get fibromyalgia, you must get fibromyalgia.” Not only has this wise woman had to take on the language of a country foreign to her, but she has also taken on trying to understand this disease that I have. Bojana, you are a true friend. Your words dance in front of me with understanding and accuracy of tripping over the stone that is fibromyalgia. Thank you for proving me wrong. You get it.

You may read Bojana’s incredible poem here.




With the utmost respect and thanks, my friend. ~Kim


  1. I asked a friend once if she was happy and she said, how can I when there’s so much suffering. I think this is where humanity begins – by showing compassion and understanding, and suffering, if you will, when others suffer. Even more so when you know them.
    You’re so welcome, Kim.

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