Open Letter to Dr. Lee P. Hartner, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Perleman School of Medicine

This is a perfect form letter to use if you are having issues with a medical doctor. Emily is an activist in the medical arena helping patients fight for their rights, as she battles for her own. This is only one of her open letters. Follow her to her sight for more ideas on open letters to send to fight for YOUR medical rights. Thank you, Emily!

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Dear Dr. Hartner,

Who hurt you?

It might seem like pure snark to ask you that question, but I am one hundred percent sincere. Ever since I received a copy of the report you wrote to support Lincoln Financial Group’s cancellation of my long-term disability claim, I’ve been asking myself, “Why would someone—a doctor no less—do this?” And the thing I keep coming back to is this adage:

Hurt people hurt people.

(It’s trite, for sure. But if you take the time to unpack them, you’ll find sayings like this apply in a lot of circumstances. That’s how clever little baby sayings grow up to be cliches, after all. )

In my ongoing quest to hold Lincoln Financial Group and its “experts” accountable for being greedy, disingenuous shitstains on an otherwise flawless healthcare sys—Bah! I can’t keep a straight face.

Ahem. What…

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    1. I can’t recommend letter writing enough. It gives you time to collect your thoughts and make a clear point. Other people have a chance to see and understand what you’re going through, and it’s just therapeutic! If people start writing open letters, I definitely want to read them!

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      1. It seems VERY therapeutic and I love that it gives all the readers a chance to take a step back to assess and understand. Do you ever send them to the person you wrote them to?

        I will tag you once I start… And I will probably not ever stop doing it again!

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        1. I typically email a copy of the letter when I publish it on my blog–provided I have an email address. If I don’t email it directly, I will usually post it on Twitter, and tag the group or person associated with the letter to make sure they see it. With this latest round, I also tagged media outlets and other organizations on Twitter. What’s the point in having an open letter if no one knows about it, right? 🙂

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