My Story: the short version…

I want to introduce you to a new blogger. She is not on any other social media outlets. After suffering in silence for years, she has decided to try her hand at blogging. She is a good blogger. Tired of the isolation one often feels with a chronic illness, she reached out to me a while back. I am so impressed by this lady! Please welcome Jayne, from See Jayne Run. This gal needs a tribe! Let’s welcome her!

via My Story: the short version…


    1. Mona, THAT is an amazing compliment! Thank you so much! Kim has been so generous with her introductions and I am forever grateful. I’ve been laughing my way around Wayward Sparkles and look forward to reading more. Did you by any chance find me in your Spam folder? I seem to be ending there alot these days…

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  1. Darling Kim! How do I thank you for this loveliest of introductions? I have been out of commission for, uh, well, several days and fearing the blackness crawling toward me. Yes, you told me ahead of time that you were going to feature me and I was, naturally, very touched. But to see it now, LIVE, lol, well, it’s LIVENED me up too. Just in time, ha! ~ Y’all, Kim has been so instrumental in helping me find my way around WordPress and in offering me daily encouragement and much needed blogging advice. From the very first, she has welcomed me so gently and so very kindly to your community. And now, she is introducing me to her own Tribe. That is beyond generous! I was honestly drowning. But with a lifeline from Kim and my new Pain Pals, even if I’m not yet doing laps, I am above water. Thank you, Kim. Thank you not only for your help in this new blogging world but thank you for your friendship AND mentorship. XO

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