Look! I Made it Myself!

I was reading some posts on The Mighty. This site now has an App. It’s very similar to Twitter, but not on steroids like Twitter! The Mighty site is much more deliberate, somewhat passive. It is chronic illness focused.

It can be overwhelming to read people’s comments. There is a lot of hopelessness out there. I’m not sure if I like this (very) new platform or not, but I did come up with a meme. I found myself responding to many people’s questions about chronic illness with “no choice.”

Feel free to share! I have two versions. ~Kim



  1. You are clever, my friend, frame or no frame. They are both attractive and somewhat powerful. For me, personally, I would prefer to be associated with a beautiful graceful butterfly/woman than an invisible one. Even one with stylish millinery. 👒

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  2. I’m not great with apps (always been of a laptop and website kinda gal). Then again, I’ve had problems with the Mighty site for over a year and I did tell them about how I’m unable to comment on anything but they weren’t any help… maybe the app would actually work. Anyway, moan moan moan 😂
    I LOVE these, because you’ve picked up on an important aspect that I think needs hammering home – there’s no choice in fibromyalgia, it chooses us. Nicely done, Kim. x

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    1. Thanks Caz! I really couldn’t believe how many times I hammered that home, there is no line to stand in to receive a chronic illness, there is no choice, once you have it, you have it! I’m still on the fence… about this platform. Are you still tweeting?

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    1. Yeeeaaaahhhh… no, I’m going to opt out. It’s really, really depressing! Like REALLY… depressing! And people are very angry at any suggestion that doesn’t match their own… not ALL, just most. I have written for the Mighty, am published on it a few times… but they need a moderator or something for their feed. I’m out.


  3. I felt the same way about the Mighty App. It actually scared me to realize there are SO MANY people out there suffering this badly. The hopelessness overwhelmed me. I’m not strong enough for that platform and quite honestly, being a former therapist, that platform was much more like a suicide hotline. I got out quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I want to and will share anything of my experiences in this world and with this disease to help another along. But those of us with this disease need help, too. Stick to the formats you have Kim, PLEASE?!! They WORK!!! Now… could you please help me into the 21st Century with how to Twitter?!!!! LMAO
    ~ Tamara


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