What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #19)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Do you have (what you’d consider) a superpower?
  2. If you have a superpower, (or if you did) would/do you use it for good or evil?
  3. Do you drink tequila?



  1. I can make anyone cry.
  2. Depends if the person is mean or not. 
  3. Yes! But I should not. I end up making people cry.


  1. 1. No
    2. If I did I would like to be a doppleganger witch perhaps with far reaching powers. Those slightly wicked thoughts that I don’t put on Facebook could be put into action. The cyclist that just pushed past us in the bus queue falls off his bike, the truck driver that cut us up on the motorway I shall steer safely away from other traffic, then cut out his engine – for ever! And my powers would extend into the ether; any person who uses the internet for crime or evil will find themselves sucked into their computer.
    3. I don’t drink tequila, but I need a magic potion cocktail for no. 2.

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  2. 1. Yes, being freakin’ awesome!
    2. For good, I don’t see the point in doing evil things.
    3. Not in the longest time, I used to quite enjoy tequila shots.
    Question for you – how do you make people cry? Is it through verbal insults or poking them in the eyes?

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    1. Nope. I have to be in the same room. Sometimes My super powers do work on the internet. But usually, I need to have tequila in my system for all my mojo to work! I haven’t had tequila since my 50th bday. You are safe! I’m almost 52. (I’m a Virgo, we have this power… 🧞‍♀️😉!)
      Mona! You have a super power! I know you do… yes always use your power for good, and tequila should always be used for good! Yes!!! Love this!

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  3. Sometimes people also cry after things I say but I don’t usually try for that effect, LOL! But that’s a cool superpower to have!!
    As for me, I have a super powerful sense of smell. I can smell a fire starting before there’s flames. Smell what someone ate for breakfast or lunch from across the room, just from their breath alone. I can tell if someone had more than two drinks the night before, and sometimes I call them out on it the next day…. Not sure if that’s using it for good or bad. 🤣 I have drank tequila in the past but I can’t do much alcohol now due to health issues, and the smell gets to me, LOL

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    1. You are like a super sleuth! Cool power! If the person didn’t eat garlic. Yes, sometimes I don’t mean to make people cry, I get bummed about that. I think your power is used for good, you could hand out DUIs. Lot safer for those of us that refuse to drink and drive. Tequila does have a smell to it, reminds me of trips to Mexico so I like it. Health has slowed my drinking to a slow crawl! Thanks for answering! Every Sunday I post questions. Feel free to play any time! Yay!

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  4. Hmmm super power…. making people laugh? though it’s not really hard to do, one need only watch me for a moment, or listen to the shit that comes out of my mouth. I TRY to use it for good, though sometimes the words that flow are pure evil. Tequila, not anymore

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  5. 1. I would say my best mutant ability is the power of composure. I am virtually unshakable and, honestly, at my best when chaos forces me into action. In fact, idle time is my kryptonite. I need challenge to manifest my latent abilities.

    2. I mostly use my power to sell appliances.

    3. I drink margaritas whenever (a) I am at a Mexican restaurant, or (b) Mrs C makes them. She made a batch on Sunday and it was pure heaven (except for the brain-freeze). Tequila used to be my go-to shots drink at every party and bar but I gave that up. Seems everyone loved Tequila Tom but Mrs C. 😉


    1. Mutant composure, your superpower! It all makes sense to me now! I can see this as being VERY beneficial! And of course, you sell appliances with that power! Appliances make me HAPPY! Tequila Tom! Helloooo buddy! I’m on my way with the Cuervo! Unless Mrs. C says “no.” Then forget it! :0 Nice answers. I’m never disappointed!

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  6. (1) I always know more than I should about people without having any source of information for it. That doesn’t mean that I always see them for their truth, though, because I see all the potential wrapped up in everything else. It does cause trouble when people fall for me rapidly and deeply as well, though.

    (2) I try to use it to help people grow and be better human beings but it is not always easy when I feel a strong word of truth to speak and I know it will be hard to hear.

    (3) I will do tequila in a margarita…!

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    1. A very serious superpower! I only wish I had that one… all knowing, yes that nasty truth so cleverly hidden. Hmmmm… “fall for me deeply and rapidly” that is a definite superpower too! You’re an omnipotent vixen! A person’s truth is your kryptonite. Sound like you use your superpower for good, helping others grow. Let’s continue this discussion over a margarita (or two!) 😊 thanks Kit! Great answers!

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