What about you? (Quick Questions Sunday #16)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Did the Avon Lady ever come to your house?
  2. Have you seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
  3. Have you ever used an out-house?


  1. Yes! 
  2. Yes, the original and the remake.
  3. Yes, I spent my honeymoon at a cabin in the woods with an out-house.





    1. George! I can’t stop laughing! Ahhhh the J.W. They come door to door here, usually they end up excusing themselves because I love asking them questions… LOTS of questions! 😂🤣😂 You’re missing out on a cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show! People dress up as the characters and go to the movie… although now, Pricilla, Queen of the Desert seems to be the new, popular cult classic. At least your violin is in an outhouse of sorts! Thanks, George! Great time reading your answers!!!😊💫

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  1. 1. My mother had a visit from the Avon Lady when I was young who was twittering on and said ‘…and this is a nice toilet water’… I promptly remarked ‘Is that what you pour down the toilet’. Mum sent me out of the room, but I couldn’t see why she was annoyed ( and embarrased ) and I was left wondering what on earth toilet water was for.
    3. Yes, I went to stay on my friend’s farm when I was a teenager in Australia. I only knew her becasue she was at boarding school in the city. The farmhouse was an oasis of green in a barren landscape, with her mother’s beloved garden. Indoors there were no doors on the rooms, embarassing as she had teenage brothers, luckily the outhouse did have a door and was covered in lovely creepers and flowers.

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    1. I think that was a perfectly sound question about the toilet water… I remember the Avon lady visiting my mom, too. Fascinated me. All those little samples were fun too… tiny lipsticks and such. Rocky Horror Picture Show was big in the states, it’s basically a quirky musical. How awesome to visit your friends home! How different it must’ve felt to have no doors. The outhouse sounds actually pretty, I don’t have any fond memories of the one I used.😊Thanks Janet!💜💫

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  2. 1. Yes, she came quite often until a few years ago when I realised I was impulse buying too often!
    2. Yes. I saw it live on holiday in Malta. It was terrific fun.
    3. We had a couple of outhouses in my childhood home. One housed a very old boiler for washing clothes. My mum used it to hide things from us.

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    1. My downfall was when my friend became a MaryKay lady! Those impulse buys Brigid, I know! I’ve never seen Rocky Horror live! I bet it was tremendous fun! (You are so cool.) I think an outhouse has a couple different meanings. In the states an outhouse is a place to go to the bathroom. What you’d call an outhouse, I’d call a shed. Kinda cool to learn this as well! 😊💜

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  3. 1. Yes, I’ve been the Avon lady…and the Tupperware lady and the Premier Jewelry and Home Interior lady…just to name a few.
    2. Yes, more times than I care to remember. In Ft Worth, there is a dinner theater that does audience participation of the show. Boy did I see some doozies.
    3. No to the outhouse but have used my fair share of outdoor public portapotties. In fact, my niece has made a very nice living for herself in the portapottie business! Someone’s gotta do it.

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    1. Oh wow! You are my hero! I would buy up all of my own product! I’m impulsively challenged! 😉 the dinner theatre, so fun! Wow! I bet you’ve seen some things! The infamous portapotties! What would we do without them? I bet your niece is making real good money! Everybody’s gotta go sometime! Thank you, Sherry! Super fun getting to know you!😊💫

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  4. 1. Years ago, but no longer. Which is quite sad, as there are some things I quite like but I’m too tight to pay the high postage costs for, especially as it’d be free if you order through the Avon lady.
    2. YES! Wooooo, finally something I can say I’ve done. In addition to the original film, I saw this as a live production at the theatre many, many years ago before I was so poorly and absolutely loved it. Hilarious, crazy, brilliant.
    3. Technically, the pub with a nice beer garden that’s a 10 min drive away has an out-house. It’s like a little building in the beer garden so it’s not dingy like a traditional out-house. Did you find the out-house on your honeymoon to be a quirky rustic touch, or just frustrating to have to tramp out to every time you wanted a wee?

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    1. Avon lady calling🎶🎵🎶. It was always a fun day when she’d show up! I am so jealous! Live show! Man I’d love to see it live! Beer garden outhouses make sense! The one for my honeymoon was rustic and smelled terrible. Plus there were bears and I was always afraid I’d get jumped by one on my way to or from the lou, so I’d run…not cool.🙄

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    1. Hi Casey! I love that you became an Avon Lady! I couldn’t wait until the Avon lady came to our house when I was growing up! I had to watch the original RHPS in a film class in college or I probably wouldn’t have either! Porta potties count, they’re spooky enough!😊 thank you!

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  5. Yes, and I was on the loo at the time and shouted to hubby, “the avon lady is here and I don’t want anything”, to which the Avon lady replied, “ok I heard that, I will call again another time”. 😀
    I’ve not watched this, is it worth seeing ?
    Yes, our first house as a child had an outhouse which had a toilet in it 😀

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    1. Oh my! That is so funny! “… I don’t want anything!” Hahaha. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, its a cult classic but very weird. The fun part is dressing up like the characters and acting out their parts at a show… I don’t think your missing anything🥴. If you want to, watch Pricilla, Queen of the Desert. Weird as well but the newest that has moved into the cult classic genre… as a child you used an outhouse. How in the world did your mom potty train? Amazing! Thanks Bar! 😊💫


  6. 1. Yes. I called her “mom” for a while. Actually I called her “mom” her whole life but only “Avon lady” for a while. Her best friend was also an Avon Lady so I guess you could say we were well-stocked.

    2. I never have. Remarkably, I know almost nothing about it except that it’s “fun” and I lost a friend to it when I was 14. I mean, he didn’t run off with the troupe or anything but he went to one and became so obsessed with it that he changed all his friends out for “Rocky” ones. I kind of admired that, that a person would be so dedicated to one thing he loved so much that he would abandon all ties to enjoy it more. Plus, he annoyed the hell out of me.

    3. I don’t think so, officially. I’ve used many porta potties and outhouse-like bathrooms at camping grounds, but I don’t think I’ve officially used one of those old-time outhouses of which you no doubt refer, the type common in the days or areas with no plumbing. I have been to Outback, though. Also, there is a tree OUTside the HOUSE, off the deck, that I don’t mind using when the occasional beer demands it. Can we count it?


    1. Avon means so much more to me now, Tom. I dream of a world with an Avon lady living in my home… Rocky Horror fixation. Sadly, not the first time I’ve heard of this Tom. To know that you lost your friend, your annoying friend, to this cult classic… you could go either way. Watch it and pay a thankful homage to the drag queen who led his band of misfits in song or just have another beer and pee on the tree. By the way, doesn’t count because you were not enclosed in it!!! House = enclosed area. The hubby just yelled, “but the tree is made of wood, so he’s on the right track. I yelled back, “does it count?” And he said, “well no it has to be enclosed.” 🙄 Original ruling stands Brother, Tom.

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