What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #14)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Have you ever driven your car on a gravel road?
  2. Do you know who shot JR? (JR Ewing from the 80’s TV show Dallas.)
  3. Have you ever been to a Tupperware party?



  1. All the time.
  2. Yes…!!!
  3. Yes, Tupperware is my friend!


    1. Wow. I’m going to Google Nulabor Plain! It was… I can’t tell you who shot JR, I’ll spoil it for the rest. 😉 I have my Mom’s Tupperware as well as my own! It never dies! Haha. I still haven’t found a better sugar container than the Tupperware one! I’ve been trying to find the salt and pepper shakers… oh! The pickle holder, have you seen that! From the early 80, amazingly cool! Hahaha. I love Tupperware but not the price!😊💜

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      1. It was the three early years I actually drove a car, in Australia. I just realised I left an L out of Nullabor. Three of us drove from Perth to South Australia and onwards to Melbourne and Sydney. The middle of the Great Eastern Highway, at the time, had a 300 mile gravel stretch in the Nullabor Plain – Nullabor is the Aboriginal for ‘treeless’.

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    1. Gravel… does keep the traffic at bay. Dallas was big at our house because we could all watch with my mom and dad. You had the villains and the good guys. So it worked! Yes the parties! I went to allot too. But my favs were the Tupperware parties! 😊

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    1. I found you in spam. I pulled you out of that horrible folder! Right. no car. Dallas was a show I could watch with my entire family, so we did. Tupperware is the bomb! It’s really just storage containers for food… google it for fun. It is the craziest thing how much we love our Tupperware in the states!


    1. If I told you who shot JR you’d go… oh yes! (Kristin, Sue Ellen’s sister, shot JR!) Those Tupperware parties were awesome! I was looking on EBay, then Craigslist for Tupperware… I couldn’t believe how expensive used Tupperware is! 😊

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  1. 1. Yep, lots of gravel roads here in the UK. I like the crunch under the tyres!
    2. Ummmm… wasn’t me!
    3. Tupperware is my friend too but no, we don’t really have those in the UK. Wish we did though, I love me some Tupperware!

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  2. 1. My present car no, but previous cars, oh golly yes. I grew up in the country, and I’ve owned 2 Jeeps, I’ve been on most terrains.
    2. I’m sure I did at the time, but no, no I don’t. I know Maggie shot Mr. Burns.
    3. Yes, multiple, mostly with my mom; it was a thing for ladies to do in the South. 😆

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    1. You are a serious Jeep girl! Who is Maggie and why did she shoot Mr. Burns? Wen! Now I need to know! Kristin, Sue Ellen’s sister shot JR…🤭. Tupperware parties rocked. Very popular in the Midwest too. We went all rouge tho- started having decorating and lingerie parties… then the ultimate, Pampered Chef parties. Do ladies in the south still attend Tupperware parties? I haven’t heard of one around here in ages. Thanks Wen!


      1. Hahaha!! Maggie is the baby on The Simpson’s!! Just like JR everyone had reason to shoot Mr Burns, but he tried to steal Maggie’s lollipop. You should never steal candy from a baby. 😉
        I haven’t heard of a Tupperware party in a long time. I’ve been to jewelry, stamping, candle, Pampered Chef, and erotic (they sold vibrators and such ☺️) parties, oh and we can’t forget Mary Kay! Hahaha. But none in the last 5 years or more, I moved from those circles. I had a friend in NC who got into all that stuff, it was a bit crazy!! 😳😆

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  3. 1. Nope! I’ve driven previous cars I’ve owned on previous gravel roads but I haven’t driven the 2017 Star Wars Limited Edition Rogue One on a gravel road yet. When I owned the lawn biz I drove the 1994 Nissan on many gravel roads, often pulling a large trailer of maintenance equipment behind. And when I was young I helped gravel the gravel road at the house I lived in which required driving several feet at a time in a pick-up down the gravel road and then shoveling (rinse, repeat). But the Rogue One? Nope!

    2. Wasn’t that Baretta?

    3. I’m not a fan of themed parties. When someone says “I’m having a party…” I’m like “Woo-hoo! Party!!” and then when they finish with, like, “…with an 80’s theme!” or “…for Oktoberfest!” or “cuz I’m getting married!” or “… with Tupperware!” I’m usually, like … “oh … okay.” I mean, I’ll go, I’ll bring beer, I’ll even (likely) dress up in an Eric Dickerson jersey and wear a Michael Jackson wig, be the MC at the tasting table, give a speech, or buy a ton of plastic storage (most of those have actually happened) but the anticipation level for said event goes from way up here /^ to somewhere down there \__. Why can’t we just celebrate us being us?

    To answer the question, though, no. I have never been to a tupperware party. 😁


    1. Yeah. But the Rouge One must hover? Just flip the switch dude! You’re like a gravel whisperer. Barretta? OMG you did not! 😂🤣😂 Blake wasn’t the shooter he was found innocent, remember… besides I’m sure he was busy exchanging money with the shooter dude!😝😎. Awe Tom, you’re a good sport, dressing up and stuff… I wonder how you’d feel at a lingerie party??? Maybe that’s your vibe?🤔 thanks, Tom! Enjoyed this time immensely!

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