Moody Monday (Book of Life)

Book of Life


Once fairy tales are exposed,

There is no going back.

What are we to do?

Where is our mirror on the wall?


This life is ours.

Living it disillusioned, 

Will not bring us

To happily ever afters.


Time to open the book of life.

Find the goodness in reality,

Beauty in the arts,

Freedom in nature.




        1. I agree, anger can lead to growth. Staying angry doesn’t lead us anywhere… it permeates your soul. I see a lot of frustration in people who’s health deteriorates, and that makes sense. Taking that frustration out on others is never a good idea but I come across it time and time again, usually very apparent with the elderly. Losing our ability for self care and independence can make a person very angry, not staying there is my message.🦋

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          1. That’s an interesting observation and, sadly enough, true. We should learn, acknowledge and accept with time; instead, we grow more and more bitter. It’s tough on those people and their loved ones. There’s nothing as energy-consuming and detrimental to one’s psyche and well being as the state of permanent anger.

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