What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #13)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone almost every Sunday.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me and want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Do you have a subscription to any magazines or newspapers? 
  2. Can you rollerskate?
  3. Ever floated down a river on an intertube?


  1. Nope, everything I read is on the web.
  2. Yes!
  3. Yes. Floated down the Apple River with a bunch of friends. We tied our tubes together, beer cooler in the middle tube. It was the ‘thing’ to do every summer!


  1. 1. Yes and no. I’m not sure the weekly free newspaper bunged through the letterbox counts?
    2. Almost.
    3. I floated on a rowing boat once but kept going round in circles as one arm was stronger than the other.

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    1. I am going to have to say the free newspaper does not count! Haha! That’s a no, George.😊 Almost a roller skater… that counts! Yay! In circles in a rowing boat! George, you’ve just made my entire week. I so love your answers! Thank you.

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    1. I really do miss having a subscription to a magazine I anxiously await for! Growing up I waited for “Seventeen” to arrive, glorious. In my twenties, “Glamour.” Thirties, “Town and Country.” Forties, “Better Home’s and Gardens.” …. (sigh)… You had your own roller skates?!?! Jealous! Swimming is the sea. Sounds lovely.😊💜

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      1. So do I; over the years I have had magazines on everything from gardening and crafts to writing.
        Our roller skates were not boots, just a metal base and straps you could adjust and put over your shoes, so you never grew out of them.
        The English seas can be very shallow at low tide. Mum and Dad always sat on the beach wrapped up in coats and blanket over their knees – they looked up and thought I had drifted out to sea – panic – then I stood up and the water was only knee deep!

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        1. I remember the metal bases, we started with ice skates that way until we could fit into the boots with blades which, by the time you were about 6 you had your first pair. I grew up inMinnesota, long winters! 😊 I didn’t know about the shallow seas. I would’ve fainted! My child drifting out to sea! What a relief you were knee deep!!! It does seem like magazines now are about outlandish prestige… Vogue, Maxim, GQ. Like you’d ever wear anything in them, nor could you afford to! Oh well… I do still sneak a peak at my Mom’s Midwest Living magazines… great recipes and travel destinations. The decor is cute, too. I do pick up the holiday issues of Real Simple! Love that magazine!

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  2. 1. Yes. My husband still reads the newspaper (I get mine on the web). And I still get one beauty magazine I have read for years (Allure) but am planning to cancel. (I don’t like the new editor and they raised the price considerably! Sorry, so chatty!)
    2. Yes, but haven’t in years. Loved it in my younger days.
    3. Yes, years ago in California. Same with you – friends, beer. But I got separated from the group and was floating aimlessly.🤣It’s big here in Texas too, but again, haven’t done it in years. (Fibro has a tendency to change the things you can/are willing to do!)
    Happy Sunday!!

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    1. Oh! I did like Allure too. With ample hospital stays, receiving magazines to read was the best! A new editor can really mess up a magazine. (I love that you chat! Don’t stop.) When we were young we bounced when we fell, we no longer bounce! I haven’t skated since my nieces were little… Yes, tubing down the river. Those were the days! Fibro does make us pick and chose, we have to weigh every ounce of energy to see if it is in the best interest of our health to do the activity! I hear you! Thanks! I just love reading more about everyone who participates! So interesting!😊

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    1. Quilting. Cool. My husband’s sisters both quilt and go to quilt shows every year. They work for a fabric company. It’s a big deal. I battle with sewing on a button! I haven’t ice skated since my 20s… long time ago. Yay! You are a tuber! 😊


  3. 1. Yep, got it for Christmas. Mindful magazine. Now if I could only get more mindful from reading about it. 😂
    2. I haven’t in many many years, but I used to be pretty good at it. With my balance issues now, I bet I’d end up upside down. LOL🙃
    3. Oh yes, I grew up on Black River in SC. We spent our summers on the river. There were even tube float races. The river water has a very high tannins level leached from the nearby swamps; the water looks black from a distance, up close it’s the color of coffee or strong tea with a reddish hue. *There’s your trivia for the day. 😄

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    1. Mindful magazine… wow. I need to check that out! I know your balance is questionable at times, roller skates are probably a bad choice. I’m so not graceful… A day I don’t end up on the ground is a good day! I’m clumsy. 😊 I like the trivia! Black Water River… very cool! I love these Quick Question days, I learn so much and laugh with delight! Thanks, Wen!💜


      1. Oh Kim, Yes! A day off the ground is a victory for me too!! The Dr will often ask “Have you fallen in the last 3 months?” I always laugh, “Yes, but gracefully.” 😂🤣

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        1. Haha! My mom will ask me and I’ll say yes fell… (does the steps, in a parking lot, in the back yard…etc) she’ll ask if I got hurt and I’ll say ‘only my pride.’ I’m going have to borrow your answer, “yes, but gracefully.” I like that!😊💜

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  4. 1. No, I’m a rebel and a free spirit so I don’t like to be tied to subscriptions (meaning I can’t afford them).
    2. Never tried it but it’s on my bucket list, I’d love to try!
    3. Don’t even know what an ‘intertube’ is so I’m going to go with no. So after ‘tying your tubes’ (not fertility related) you all drank beer & floated down a river? I could go for that, sounds pretty peaceful! xx

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    1. You are a rebel CAZ! I think every kid 45 years ago went to the roller rink in the states. Even our small little town of 400 people had a roller rink. Ice rink too. (Whoops, ice rink, that’s a question coming up soon!) SPOILER ALERT! An inter tube is a big round donut shaped floating device. Yep! Tie them all together floating down the river and drinking adult beverages. No glass allowed. Then they set up huge targets, maybe every 800 feet, to hit on the sides of the river… you throw your empty can at the target, if you hit the HUGE target your can bounces into a garbage can… smart way to get people to be responsible with their beer cans! Grab a flight, come to Minneapolis and we will go tubing. 😊

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  5. 1. I do not. I occasionally subscribe to something like “The Atlantic” or “Redding Record Searchlight” but, after a few months of not reading anything and watching stuff pile up, I cancel again. I just can’t seem to pick up the habit.

    2. Probably. I mean, I used to skate all the time and was pretty damn good at it. I mean, I couldn’t do any kind of flying back kicks or anything but I could maintain balance and go fast if I wanted. But it’s been a few years. Is it like riding a bike?

    3. No. A lake rapid, though. Is a lake rapid the same as a river? Am I asking more questions than I am answering?


    1. The ‘real’ magazines are tough to read… ever thought of ordering Glamour? I think skating is like riding a bike, you’ll pick it up again quickly. WARNING: falling is not the same… A lake rapid? You mean like behind a speedboat tubing??? Anyway, I ‘d have to say no. and finally YES! (Do I hear Marvel???) 🙂

      I’ve mised your answers to Sunday’s questions, Tom. You make me laugh! Even my husband loves to read your answers. The best!!!

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