A Message in a Song

When you are wounded, surrender. You are still a fighter, even warriors need rest… ~k.

“You’re a fighter, fight on baby …  I am a wounded warrior.”

Paloma Faith ~Warrior (lyrics)





  1. Good morning my beautiful friend. WOW!!! Did that song ever resonate with me this morning. I listened to it over and over again. It’s me. It’s where I am. Right now. Who will let me in? Who wants a wounded warrior? As tears run down my face, I’m wishing I could click my ruby slippers and be with you today. One wounded warrior to another. I’m worried about me again Kim. Not to the “do myself in” level, but definitely the “be careful not to make any life altering decisions today” level.

    It CONTINUES to amaze me how God uses you to send very clear messages to me. And I know you’ve told me to stop saying it, but I can’t, THANK YOU for everything you have done for me and continue to do in my life.
    More love than you know Soul Sister,
    ~ T

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    1. Hello my Soul Sister. I’m gonna PM you. Let’s just catch up on you. I’m glad you liked this song. I think it’s incredible! Remember, even warriors rest. Just rest a bit. Lots of big things happening in your life. 💜


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