The Prospect of Joy

Do you have joy in your life?

Are you a joyful person?

Do you radiate joy?



\ ˈjȯi  \

Definition of joy

1athe emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires: DELIGHT
bthe expression or exhibition of such emotion: GAIETY
2a state of happiness or felicity: BLISS
3a source or cause of delight

Or we can go another route; 


to experience great pleasure or delight: REJOICE

My husband and I were actually having an excellent talk about where we are in life, and where we are heading. We discussed our goals and the steps we needed to take to get there. A form of measurement was required. As we were throwing around ideas and possible completion dates, I looked at him and said I can’t remember the last time I felt joy.
Jeff said, “You can’t remember, or you haven’t felt it?”
I responded, “I haven’t felt it.”
“That could be a problem.”
“Well, I’m not unhappy, I am happy … but I just don’t know when the last time I felt joyful was.”
“What makes you feel joyful?”
“A new puppy! No, seriously I do not know. It’s just gone.”
“Well, you better work on getting that back, maybe there are steps you can take or something?”
Steps to find my joy? Where does one begin this little project? Am I really even sure I am lacking in the joy department? What if I have joy and don’t know it?
What if I’ve used my share of joy and there is none left for me?!?!
I decided to take a bath.
My husband acknowledged my choice and stated, “I hope you find joy in that bathtub.”
I gave him my ‘warning grin‘ and responded, “so do I, sweetheart, so do I…”
How do you find your joy?


  1. When I read this I thought I too had not been feeling joy,
    but I think I have find joy in little things.
    like driving with the top off my car.
    seeing a yard full of flowers.
    seeing the sign in my neighbors yard that meant someone lives there that feels so much compassion.
    having my dog give me kisses all over.
    hearing my husband laugh with abandon
    Yes, these things make me happy, but for just a moment when they first happen, they bring me joy, my heart lights up, I can feel it.

    and when my friend was finally out of the danger zone from pancreatitis (yes I was scared beyond belief) my heart soared with joy! I don’t think it could be anything else. It was beyond happiness. I rejoiced.

    I hope you find joy soon, Kim, I truly do.
    I think my problem is more finding lasting happiness with things other than my marriage, there’s nothing wrong there.

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    1. Interesting take. I need to remember to allow myself to feel joy. It really is the little things… just being present in the moment. Good reminders reading your comment! Long lasting happiness? I think you and Stuart got that! I’d be lost without my husband. He is my happiness, right or wrong, everyday…💜

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  2. Pure Joyce? That’s a tough one. I enjoy a lot of things and take pleasure doing them, but bliss, giddiness, and rejoicing? I honestly can’t remember the last time that happened. Either that or I’m not paying attention. I should start working on that too

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  3. Hi Kim – I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I think about my favorite things. Favorite smell, color, sensory touch, sound, flower, little things that make me smile. I think that is joy. I try to surround myself with as much of those types of things as possible. And yes, at times I need to be reminded. I bet you feel joy when you are touching the soft fur of one of your fur babies or when they jump and are happy to see you when you get home? Just some thoughts. Honestly, sometimes you bring me joy!
    ~ Tamara

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    1. As do you! (See tomorrow’s post.) I think more and more I do feel joy… I don’t think I’ve lost my ability. I do think I’ve stopped looking for joy, therefore I think I don’t feel it when it’s been there this whole time. 💜


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