Do You See Me?

Many times those of us with invisible, chronic illnesses feel like we are nothing more than our disease. Why is this? Society deems us disabled, maybe even crazy; certainly not productive people with needs and wants. The medical doctors treat our symptoms, not us, they don’t see us as anything but a problem to fix.

See ME!

I once was six years old. A child with delight in her heart! She loved her swing set and baby dolls. Once, I was sixteen, learning, working, and planning for a life filled with adventure.

See ME!

Once I was twenty-eight, on a path to a life full of possibilities! I was achieving my goals… I was thirty-five and forty-two. I felt love and gave it. I had hopes and dreams, fears, and tears.

See ME!

I am somebody’s child. I am somebody’s sister. I am somebody’s auntie. I am somebody’s best friend. I am somebody’s wife. I am loved. I love. Somebody wants only the best for me, as I wish the best for them. I am flesh, and I am bone. I am just like you.

See ME!



  1. Ditto regarding my beautiful 48 year-old daughter with incurable myalgic encephalomyelitis since age 20. One can only wonder (because there is no answer) why life is so unfair and arbitrary. But, like you, she loves and is loved. In the face of fate’s heartlessness, what could be more beautiful?

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