You Have a New Diagnosis!

The one thing that always bothers me about coming home from the hospital after an inpatient stay is the prompt, excessive billing with nothing to show for it. Can’t they send me home with something? How about a new baby? Maybe that’s asking too much. What about a puppy? A stuffed giraffe? Anything. There should be a parting gift! It’s the only polite thing to do. But no, there is no parting gift.

To my surprise, I was ‘gifted’ a new diagnosis after completing my recent mental health examination. (There is no return policy, I checked.) I undergo these exams every six to eight months as I suffer from clinical depression. To my surprise, after my exam, I was told that I now have a ‘generalized anxiety disorder.’ Well super. Thanks, but no thanks!

It was time to face the music, and I decided to take the medication my doctor prescribed. It is in the “histamine” family! What a relief as opiates and benzodiazepines are on the chopping block for so many of us. My gawd, this stuff is some kind of miracle in a bottle! Why haven’t I found this sooner? I no longer hyperventilate in social situations!

In all honesty, I tend to be a nervous person. I was as a child as well. But there is a big difference between nervousness and anxiety. You can be nervous about an event, but still, you attend and enjoy it. You do not get nervous just going about your daily routine. Anxiety, on the other hand, makes even your normal day feel like you want to crawl right out of your skin!

So what is the definition of generalized anxiety disorder?

Let’s look at Psychology Today for an answer;


Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is much more than the normal anxiety people experience day to day. It is chronic, and sufferers experience severe worry and tension, often without provocation. This disorder involves anticipating disaster, often worrying excessively about health, money, family, or work. Sometimes, though, just the thought of getting through the day brings on anxiety.

People with GAD can’t shake their concerns, even though they usually realize that much of their anxiety is unwarranted. People with GAD also seem unable to relax and often have trouble falling or staying asleep. Their worries are accompanied by physical symptoms such as trembling, twitching, muscle tension, headaches, irritability, sweating, hot flashes, and feeling lightheaded or out of breath.

Many individuals with GAD startle more easily than other people. They tend to feel tired, have trouble concentrating and may suffer from depression. GAD may involve nausea, frequent trips to the bathroom or feeling like there is a lump in the throat.

When their anxiety level is mild, people with GAD can function socially and hold down a job. Although they don’t avoid certain situations as a result of their disorder, people with GAD can have difficulty carrying out the simplest of daily activities if their anxiety is severe.

So, excessive worry to the point when even daily tasks create anxiety. Startling easily and physical symptoms; all of which I experienced. In my head, I knew I was feeling things that were irrational, but my anxiety was constantly overriding my thought process. It is challenging dealing with generalized anxiety disorder. I am so relieved I decided to get some help!

Live your best life!

Version 2~Kim


  1. so happy you were provided a medicine that works for you, what a huge blessing! and i totally agree………a hospital should send you home with a parting gift to help lessen the blow the the huge bill that is about to sent out!
    may your day be blessed my friend!

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  2. May I be extremely nosy and ask what the medication is? I’m on Buspar and I feel it’s not quite doing it’s job. I get anxious over the littlest things, and I’m on the maximum does of Buspar. I can’t take opioids, they make me itch like crazy, and I take diazapam when I have vertigo, so I don’t want any more of it. I also don’t think they really work very well for anxiety, they just make you loopy. I don’t want to be a zombie.
    I’m so glad you have found something that works. I’m doing better with mixed mania episode, but not as well as I’d like, Still don’t feel like me. Trying new meds and having side effects is a bummer. I’ll get there though. I know I will.
    xoxo Wen

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    1. Yes you can be nosy. I’m taking Hydroxyzine. 25mg tabs. It is basically an antihistamine (on crack!) it is from the ‘histamine’ Family so I have no fear of it being taken from me. Make sure your doc gives you room to take as much as you need. Basic dose is 1/2 to 1 tab every 6 hours. (I went to 2 tabs by the second week, then it worked well for me as I have been in a severe anxiety state since my hospital stay.) I save the Valium for the MRIs 😜! Talk with your doc as I’m not sure about drug interactions and etc. Let me know how it goes. 💜

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          1. I’ll try and email you in the next couple of days. Look for it. 😉 Does a histamine not cause allergic reactions in you?
            Just curious. I was just put on a high blood pressure medication that’s supposed to help with anxiety, migraines, and akathesia. If it works I’ll call it a miracle drug.

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            1. I will look for your email. I had hay fever as a child. Very bad allergy. I’ve been taking antihistamines for the majority of my life so, no, not allergic. This medication I talk about is in the histamine family but RX strength. For those not fighting a true generalized anxiety disorder… it’ll be too strong. If you find one medication that speaks to three ailments, more power to you! Definitely go for it. Remember what works for one… doesn’t work for all. This is why I try not to mention the names of medications. The last medication I tried on the advice of others, very basic new drug for fibro and restless legs, gave me hallucinations! It works for many but not me. Lordy, not me!😳

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            2. I understand that! I wholeheartedly agree, if everything worked the same on everyone, we’d be easier to treat. Hahaha
              Thank you for sharing with me.
              I havent seen my doctor since we talked about that, she prescribed that new drug because if an urgent call in to her. I started having akathesia again. Phew! Had to catch that fast! That is a horrible feeling.

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  3. I’m so happy I live in a country where I can be in the hospital for several days (my last surgery) and not get a bill–I don’t know how you guys do it. I’m also happy to be catching up with you–anxiety is a real f*cker and I’m glad you’re getting some help with it!

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