Life begins… again?

My niece is a Realtor. A damn good one at that. She brought her boss with her today as my hubby, and I know we want to sell our house and start living the RV life, full time. I was prepared for lists of ‘must complete’ home improvements, city inspections, showings and painting, and the ultimate… “staging process…”

Nope. My husband needs to finish our bathroom project. And we need a city inspector to give us the once over. (We handle the fixes, or the new owner does.)

Then my niece’s company shows for one week. All bids are placed, we can take the highest bid or not and hold out for more showings … seems we live in a very ‘desirable’ area and bidding wars are common? Who knew?

I was planning on a year to get ready! We may be able to sell by October 1st. That’s basically two months!

So they left, Jeff and I talked about calling a few organizations to donate our surplice items too. We need to move his desk to the living room so he can ramp up his day trading. I have to schedule a couple moving sales … Jeff left for work, and I took a nap. 


IMG_5006…moving soon!