The Heart Remembers What the Head Fights to Forget…

I know it was at some point this week, 15 years ago… I was searching for a flight. (ANY FLIGHT!!!) A flight from Minneapolis to the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. My mother had called me; Kory, my brother, was shipped stateside. He was active USA Army, stationed in South Korea, (incidentally where we had adopted him from 27 years prior)… he was at the hospital with aggressive cancer, they expected the worse…

Mom had just had gastric bypass surgery, my brothers and sisters were working; two babies from two different siblings (with sweet little families) were due any day… I lived on my own in an apartment with this ‘little’ issue called ‘fibromyalgia’ making it impossible for me to have any kind of schedule…

“Can you get to Kory?”

(“Can I get to Kory?”)

… can i…???

“I will be on the first flight out!”

Rest, my brother, I am on my way.


I can’t make this a long story… it hurts too much, my brother did not last, the fucking, unforgivable cancer took him at 37 years of age. This is a difficult month for me. He died on August 18th, 2003. My family members were all able to see him, tell him we loved him then we had to watch him die… I hate August.


  1. I simply can’t “like” this. I hate your pain. My heart goes out to you this month, and every day you grieve. I know there are no words that I can say to make it better, please know I would if I could. love you Kim.

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  2. I’m sorry for your loss! I also lost someone dear to me in August (back in 2001, 2 weeks before 9/11). And while I’ve gotten to the point I don’t bawl my eyes out for most of the month, I still get into a depressive funk. Not a big fan of Aug. either.

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  3. Love you Kim. Fighting not to lose my daughter right now. The loss of a loved one never eases. I’m so glad you could be with him! He knew how much you loved him honey. Praying he is in peace now and God be with your grieving heart. Xoxoxo
    ~ Tamara

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