The Purple Dress, Maybe the Navy?

Guess what day it is? Wedding Day! Yes, my nephew will be getting married at 4pm today. I must say, it is a beautiful day here in Minnesota. They have picked a wonderful venue, and on the invitation, it states this is a casual wedding. Casual…

I am ten pounds heavier than I was last summer. Yes, this matters! (I can’t stand it.) It matters to me. So I have a purple dress. It is a cap-sleeved tee-shirt style, swing dress. I look ‘presentable’ in it. I bought one in green as well. Since the marrying couple is the outdoorsy type I thought I may go with the green, but I got an oil stain right on my left boob from a stupid bowl of pasta I was eating. I have to drop at least one morsel of food at each meal, or it wasn’t really a meal. (And I wonder where the ten pounds came from?) So it looks the purple dress will be my choice.

Purple Cow. “I never saw a purple cow… ” remember that childhood nursery rhyme? Well, I may look like a purple cow in this stupid dress. I think the purple dress may be a mistake. I am running out of options… I have a navy blue and a sleeveless black dress… what can I say? They were on sale! I happened to like these dresses for casual summer days but a wedding? Ten pounds ago, maybe.

The black dress is for a wedding next month. Yes, another nephew is taking the plunge. His wedding is ‘formal.’ So I have the black that has a beautiful chiffon overlay, almost like a poncho, with a delicate floral gray design. (That sucker hides the pounds!)

It is the eleventh hour. My last-ditch effort. The only thing left to do is to get a tan. (Or pray for an even sunburn.) I got all day! The sun is shining brightly, and the wedding isn’t until 4 pm. The last two days have been raining but today, glorious sun! So, now is my chance! I’m going after the sun, then decision time, purple, navy, or sleeveless black (without the chiffon overlay.)

I’ll be checking back for any advice you may have today. Help. 


Later that evening, update!

I went with … the purple!


And we had a lovely day!