Are you my Friend? (With Wendi at Simply Chronically Ill.)

Friendships are hard to maintain on a good day. What about those not so good days? What about living with an unpredictable chronic illness while trying to be a good a friend.

So, do you have friends?

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Wendi, at Simply Chronically Ill, talks about Friendships and Chronic illness;

“This is a tough subject for me to write about as it brings up a big bag of mixed emotions.  Chronic illness makes relationships tough, very tough.  When you have been ill as long as I have, friendships tend to fall by the wayside.  People in our society want a quick fix, “feel better soon” is on so many cards that I want to puke.  CI doesn’t work that way… [Continue Reading]” 

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      1. yes……..when I wrote this I was going through something that cut deeply….a “friend” of many years……..I was informed that she believed I was lying about all of my illnesses……….I was so hurt I wan’t sure if I could put a post together that was coherent and general in content………it was so difficult and still is at times. those of us with CI dream of becoming well and work so hard to live the best we can……….to lie about being ill is so incomprehensible that it left me speechless. Sorry for the rant…….I am so thankful for people like you who understand.

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        1. I’m so sorry your friend did that to you! It’s a challenge to maintain friendships when CI, and then to get smacked with something like disbelief or labeling a CI person as a faker… ugh! You aren’t alone, we understand.

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  1. It is difficult to maintain friendships when chronically ill, but I think that we also have to contend with what our age group is used to as far as socializing as well. I’m in a generation that has embraced technology as a form of connection and communication. We’re used to our friendships being, at least somewhat, online and virtual. We still like to get together and do stuff in person, but we also understand that many of our peers cannot do that either because of health problems or geographical differences. I invite people to do things when I’m up to it or can control the environment I’m in more readily (I host board game days at my home, that way if I get worn out I can go downstairs and rest for a bit while people play). Or I play games online with friends and chat with them via Discord, which allows us to use our headsets to talk. Without the internet and our current technology, I would have a tough time maintaining friendships.

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    1. I like the idea of hosting a board game night! I have tried and tried to get this going but with little success. However, since you brought it up! I will try again. I’m not sure about Wendi, but I am from the generation that did not embrace technology for social interactions. I have found that my chronic community has and I am so lucky to have found the friends I have online. It has been a learning experience and I whole-heartedly embrace this new social media outlook! It took some time but I can honestly say I have made some great friendships online!!! Really, some of the best! ❤


      1. Social media is a great way to find like-minded folks and organize get-togethers. Does your area have a FB group for board gaming? Sometimes local game stores are good for making those connections as well. We have a couple here that host events so it’s a good way to meet people that you can potentially invite over for games.

        Which board games do you have? We have a wall of games because we’re big on playing. Haha!

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          1. I usually use Facebook and text/email to let people know when we’re doing a game day. I create an event on FB and invite who I want; they can then yay or nay to coming. I hope your next game event works out!

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  2. I absolutely adore Wendi and consider her to be a real true friend! I can honestly say that I do not have many friends that are real. It seems that so many people get caught up in their own lives and lack the ability to have compassion for others. One of my friends that was a bridesmaid also has MS, but she has many other issues in her life so we do not really talk much. Some people that I use to consider a friend stabbed me in the back and destroyed any and all trust I ever had in them. I think the friends I have made in the blogging community are the only ones I actually trust and care so much for them. You my dear are one of them as well!!!!

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