Possible Prevention and Survival; the Inevitable Fibro Flare! (With Terri from Reclaiming H.O.P.E.)

“That’s where pre-planned recovery days come in. Whatever we call those days when we have to take it easy, I’d guess that most of us with fibromyalgia have taken them when we’re having a bad flare, but I’ve found pre-planned recovery days are extremely helpful as well. Whenever I’ve engaged in more activity…” [continue reading, Pre-Planned Recovery Days; One Key to Living Well with Fibromyalgia.]

“Your exit strategy.  First, this is unfortunate, now that you are through the intense pain, you will go through three days of wishing you could just take a pain pill to make it go away. Do NOT. This is how you get into trouble with pain medications. Just get through three days of feeling like crap after your flare ceases…” [continue reading, Exit Strategy, Three Days to Recover.]

  • Have you ever planned recovery days and/or exit strategies?
  • How do you deal with an increase in your symptoms?
  • Any tips, ideas for prevention or recovery? 

Many Thanks, Terri!




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