The Chronic Patient They Know


You fight to get ‘better’ but get knocked down time and time again. Sometimes it is easier to be put in a box then to crawl out of it. But don’t stay where it is easy. Open that box again and again. This is about endurance, not speed.



    1. Kelley? What is going on? Are you getting the care you need? Maybe a change in doctors or a break from them all? Sometimes everyone wants to ‘cure’ you and no one will assist you live your best life day to day… We have a chronic disease for which, as of right now, there is no magic treatment, there is no cure. I have explained to my doctor that I don’t want to see so many ‘specialists’ and that I just want to life a good life with as little pain as I can. I let my primary know I just want to find what works for me and deal with my disease as it comes. She is OK with that now that I have explained continuing to go to all these doctors has done nothing for me but cost me tons of money! I also let her know I do not expect her to ‘cure’ me. Does any of that help? You can always contact me, anytime! xo ~Kim

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  1. Thank you so much Kim for the support. I go to Neurologist for EMG because of MRI findings.I go to the Dr. with the nerve from cervical 6 running down my left arm that is now so numb, fingers hurt from so much painful tingling. He treats me for my headaches with botox all over my head, and tells me I have carpal in the left wrist. I said Im; coming here for the arm….what about the arm? He said we will talk about it….but never did. I guess pain dr. has to do the nerve block or whatever. My primary asked if I was depressed? I replied, just about my health and seeing so many drs. and none are helping!
    What di you think Kim?

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    1. Sounds like a lot of doctors. You may be able to find an internist that works with you on all fronts. My primary doctor handles everything, I no longer go to specialists. Get the carpal tunnel surgery done, that’ll help immensely. I put mine off forever and it was NIGHT and DAY once the surgery was done.

      I think you will know who you need to see and who you do not. Remember, doctors, work for us. They suggest specialists but we can say no. Just remember to put your health first. If you need to see that specialist, by all means, do. IF you feel the visits are not helpful. Cancel all further appointments, that is your right as a consumer who HIRES a medical ‘professional’.

      I was in therapy for seven years. So I am a proponent of finding and working with a good therapist. Now, I use an online site called Better Help whenever I need a mental health ‘check-up.’ There is one fee for the month, online appointments, and help when I need it. Something you can keep in your back pocket should the need arise.

      I want you to keep me updated. Contact me anytime. Email me anytime. I’m worried about you Linda and I just want to keep an eye on you, my friend! We can certainly hash out some idea and I am great at tracking down medical professionals dealing with fibro!

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        1. I think 4 to 6 weeks? Well, no, if you cover your arm with a bag you can go into the water, take a shower. The key is no bearing weight on the wrist. You are not to even pick up a gallon of Milk until the wrist is healed. But you feel so much better after the surgery you will think you can do so much more! You’ll be in a splint.


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