12 Steps to Experiencing the Joy of an Ordinary Day!

After reading a fabulous post by Dr. Andrea Dinardo about enjoying an ordinary day, I thought, “when was the last time I enjoyed an ordinary day?” Not for over 20 years! Every single day I experience pain. Every single day I have to say “No” to things others wouldn’t think twice about. Every single day I strive for a ‘normalcy’ that I will never be able to obtain due to living with a chronic disease.

Now, I’ve never been a quitter so I will tell you about achieving my first ‘mindful,’ ordinary day.

First I must outline how I prepare and schedule my day so I can enjoy ordinary things in my day. I can think of 12 steps that I must complete, things I do on a daily basis to ensure I am as fibro healthy as I can be. You may want to try some of these too?

  1. Stretch in the mornings as you wake up then get out of bed.
  2. Eat your breakfast
  3. Get dressed (put on a bit of makeup if you use it).
  4. Check your social media.
  5. Do something that meets your activity level needs and walk (consider rescuing a dog or two, then you will have to walk them.)
  6. Eat a healthy lunch.
  7. Clean one room.
  8. Work on a craft or read a part of a novel.
  9. Connect with a friend or family member by telephone, mail, or text. (Optional, but it is right for your soul!)
  10. Prepare dinner, and eat.
  11. Find time to watch a tv show.
  12.  Soak in a bath to relax and start readying yourself for bed.

These tasks help me mentally and physically. When I am accomplishing these tasks as my day goes on, I remembered to look for the ordinary joys of the day.

Here are a few beautiful, ordinary things I observed during my day:

  • I saw a cardinal attracted to the grapevine in my backyard.
  • Dora and Dezzie are playing, run full speed at each other and see who turns first in the backyard. (I believe that is a game called chicken?) And they love to play tug of war.
  • My flowers are blooming!
  • I walked to our local neighborhood farmer’s market. Dora and Dezzie are in tow as Dezzie tries to behave but she can only remain composed until she sees a squirrel. All bets are off but I get her back under control. (She is a little naughty, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.)
  • I can smell the fresh cut grass.
  • I sat on my front porch and read a book.
  • We had dinner on the patio in the back of the house, it was a beautiful evening.


I had a wonderful, ordinary day! And I am looking forward to the next one!

Live your best life!