School Shootings, “I” am Responsible.

It is Time to Replace “They” with “I.”

I grew up with guns in the home. My father was the city Mayor. Therefore Chief of Police for our small town. That job came with a gun and a badge. We were told never to touch the gun, and we did not. The adults in my family hunted. We had two shotguns sitting in the corner of our living room. We were told never to touch the shotguns, we didn’t. At our cabin, we kept a high-powered BB gun. There was a big pack of stray dogs that would try to eat our little, family dog. My mom taught us how to use the BB gun. It was not a toy.

I was taught to respect the gun and the life it can take.

These school shootings must be stopped! Instead of waiting for the government to ‘do something’ we MUST take action and start at our individual, county level. Get our police chiefs involved, secure our schools, and get safety protocols put in place. The elected school board members should be researching and implementing safety protocols. Attend these meetings, they are open to the public! Step one in protecting our children is to secure our schools.

What does that look like? What does that sound like? What safety models can we borrow from airports, concert venues, and stadium sporting events? What do our kids say? Kids fly on planes, go to concerts, go to sporting events. Do they feel safe at these venues? Many of us wanted separation of church and state, many of us want to keep government out of our schools …. let’s start now!

What is stopping you from attending school board meetings? Do you know what safety protocols are already in place to protect our children? Do you know what protocols the board wants to implement? I, for one, am no longer holding my breath for the government to save our children, that is over with. We just can not wait any longer. What can WE do NOW? What can “I” do NOW? Go make a difference! Stop marching and pointing fingers, and start attending and doing! For the safety of our children, start with this; “I” am responsible.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.48.43 PM~Kim