School Shootings, “I” am Responsible.

It is Time to Replace “They” with “I.”

I grew up with guns in the home. My father was the city Mayor. Therefore Chief of Police for our small town. That job came with a gun and a badge. We were told never to touch the gun, and we did not. The adults in my family hunted. We had two shotguns sitting in the corner of our living room. We were told never to touch the shotguns, we didn’t. At our cabin, we kept a high-powered BB gun. There was a big pack of stray dogs that would try to eat our little, family dog. My mom taught us how to use the BB gun. It was not a toy.

I was taught to respect the gun and the life it can take.

These school shootings must be stopped! Instead of waiting for the government to ‘do something’ we MUST take action and start at our individual, county level. Get our police chiefs involved, secure our schools, and get safety protocols put in place. The elected school board members should be researching and implementing safety protocols. Attend these meetings, they are open to the public! Step one in protecting our children is to secure our schools.

What does that look like? What does that sound like? What safety models can we borrow from airports, concert venues, and stadium sporting events? What do our kids say? Kids fly on planes, go to concerts, go to sporting events. Do they feel safe at these venues? Many of us wanted separation of church and state, many of us want to keep government out of our schools …. let’s start now!

What is stopping you from attending school board meetings? Do you know what safety protocols are already in place to protect our children? Do you know what protocols the board wants to implement? I, for one, am no longer holding my breath for the government to save our children, that is over with. We just can not wait any longer. What can WE do NOW? What can “I” do NOW? Go make a difference! Stop marching and pointing fingers, and start attending and doing! For the safety of our children, start with this; “I” am responsible.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.48.43 PM~Kim



  1. So glad that you posted this – you’re right, it’s about time that people stopped waiting for the Government (who are, after all, just people) to find a magic solution to this problem.
    I live in the South of France and before that the UK and I don’t have kids so I can only imagine the worry and stress that people in the US go through with these school shootings. However, I saw a call on Twitter this morning for schools to have armed guards and security cameras and it seemed as though it’s a pretty popular idea – all I could think was ‘those poor kids, imagine having to walk into, what is effectively, a prison every day. I don’t know what the answer is but I’m fairly sure it’s not MORE guns.

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    1. Yeah, that’s exactly my concern, that “doing something” at the local level (or akin to the airports) will be like lock-down. That may be necessary, however, in the short run while we in America deal with the larger problem of a misplaced cultural over-affection to these weapons.

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      1. Time to make that call, Tom. Is it more traumatizing to walk through a metal detector or be shot at? Heck, kids go to concerts and baseball games, they have no problem with the security rules. They are not having their innocence revoked. I’m more traumatized placing video games with my nephews than I would ever be walking through a security check point! Ha! All I’m saying is that we, as individuals, have more power than we realize to protect our kids. We know our schools better. We will not be satisfied with the government telling us what’s best for our kids. We can take action, no need to wait for big government.

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  2. I don’t believe that anyone is mentally capable to own a gun. There should be strict legislation and frequent psychological tests for the owners. We live in a country that there are very few legal gun owners, except police and army forces. Yet, now and then bad things happen even with this small number of people. School shootings are definitely the worst nightmare… RIP to these young victims… So sad and angry that the murderer has origins from my country… 😦

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    1. I do believe there are responsible gun owners who teach their children to respect the gun, its purpose, and the reason for owning a gun. That is how I was brought up. That is how my husband was brought up. My point being, the government has no business making a blanket ruling about guns and school districts. We know, according to where we live, what should be done to secure our schools. I’m sick and tired of blaming and finger pointing when action is needed! We, as citizens, can make changes that are appropriate for our schools. A small town school may not need the same amount of restrictions as an inner city school. We are forgetting diversity and excusing ourselves from personal responsibility of safe guarding our children. We have school boards on the local and state level. We elected these people and it’s time for our elected board members to do their job and for us to be involved in that process. Those who want to do harm can always find a weapon. How do we prevent the kid who wants to do harm from getting inside our schools? We must stop them wether they are carrying a gun, a knife, a bomb… I appreciate your comment Joanna!

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      1. Local levels may not have the money or personnel to fully make the changes necessary. Money, it seems, becomes a problem at every level. I live in a town that is just dire with crime and homelessness and the citizens cry out that the local council is failing to do its job, but the resources simply aren’t there to cope.

        We definitely all need to be more involved, no question, but I’ve seen things get bogged down at the local level. It’s crazy. The most important changes we can make must be made at a national level, where we can get stricter gun measure laws in place, for the entire country. Universal background checks. Longer waiting periods. Registration. The kinds of things we see around the globe that work and stem the tide!

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        1. I agree that trying to get things done at the local level is very difficult. Also, many elected officials are not listening to the people who are with the children 180 days of the year, the teachers!! We have active shooter training every year and the teachers make suggestions every year that fall on deaf ears. I’d love to get more involved with the school board locally and I try to attend meetings but I am a single mom, working as a teacher for long hours and little pay, I have to work a second job. Let’s start listening to the teachers, you don’t and should not arm us but PLEASE listen!

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          1. Absolutely agree. Teachers are our first line of defense. All the knowledge we need is right at our fingertips. Getting the community in to listen to what the teachers have to say at a board meeting will not fall on deaf ears. I thank you for teaching our youth and keeping them safe. Thank you for being a teacher ~Kim.

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            1. Thank you Kim! I wish more people would think the way you do but our school board is actively trying to dismantle our union and many teachers cannot afford union fees so it my district it unfortunately does fall on deaf ears!! Teachers need to mobilize like the brave students of MDS without fear of reprisals. The majority of us are employees at well even if we’ve been teaching for 5+ years and can be let go for any reason! People and the media need to publicly denounce these unfair practices so we can all make our voices heard!

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        2. amfb (I love that name!), that’s another problem that could be corrected at a national level. Teachers should be paid more, so that we can attract great ones and so that great ones don’t have to work two jobs to make ends meet. Then those great ones could take a more active role, locally. Great response!

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  3. I totally agree Kim! I am going to consider this seriously as I have been looking for some ways to promote changes in my life as well.

    And, I love this picture of you lady. 💗

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  4. Great post Kim! There have been way too many school shootings in this country and it is time for someone to put a stop to it! Kids should not have access to guns and they should be taught that impact of using guns. It seems that the shooters are made to be famous and therefore other kids want that same attention not realizing the harm and distress it is causing. Parents need to teach their kids more and pay attention to their children!!! It is terribly sad what our country is going through. I do not see our government doing any good for our country and instead they are causing more issues!

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