Avicii dead at 28.

Coldplay-A Sky Full Of Stars for Avicii, an excellent tribute.

The official cause of Tim Berling’s death has yet to be announced, but he struggled with health issues, namely pancreatitis. He, at one point, while touring, had to be hospitalized to have his gallbladder removed. The gallbladder is a villain of the pancreas often contributing to problems that challenge the proper working of this organ. Pancreatitis can be caused by many different factors. Drinking alcohol is the most common, in Tim’s case this was a confirmed, contributing factor. Anyone who experiences pancreatitis knows the more stress in your life, the more severe your pancreas issues are. Once the pancreas quits working, all the other organs in your body start shutting down, ceasing to work and causing death. We have yet to hear the official cause of death but Tim Berling’s loss to the music world is universal, for his family a tragedy to lose this young performer, at the age of 28.

Acute and chronic pancreatitis is a killer. We must pay more attention to this silent and usually deadly disease. I suffered from idiopathic pancreatitis for years and almost lost my battle. There was no wonder drug and very little standardized treatment protocols. 

Rest in Peace, Avicii.