Weighted Blankets? Yes!

I just placed an order for my very own, specially made weighted blanket!!! I decided on a 15lb, 40″ x 65″ blanket. I got to pick out my very own fabrics, one for the front and a matching one for the back. There were so many beautiful ones, it took me two days to decide. I use a weighted blanket to combat my Restless Leg Syndrome. But these blankets are used for many different reasons; autism, anxiety, sensory issues, and more. I came across this store on Facebook, Undercover, Weighted Blankets.

This lady, named Ann, has a son with sensory demands and after ordering a small weighted blanket from the Internet decided there had to be a way to make them better and cheaper because the small blanket helped her son and the cost for larger size he needed was absurd. She went to her mom and asked her how hard it would be to make these blankets? Eventually, her grandmother and another grandma joined forces and started sewing these blankets. Now two of their friends, also grandmas joined the group to sew these custom ordered blankets. To me, that would be worth twice the price, knowing a grandma had sewn me a blanket! (I miss my grandmas!) But, they sew these blankets for less and are of much better quality! The blanket sizes are user-friendly, and they are machine washable.

I am just so impressed with this little ‘hobby store’ as Ann, the owner calls it. I wanted to share this information with you. The best part is Ann lives about thirty miles away from me so I can go pick up my blanket and hopefully meet the grandmas! If you are considering a weighted blanket, please consider ordering from Undercover, Weighted Blankets.

These are only a few of the fabrics available for you to choose from! Bright and bold, soft and neutral, adult or child prints.

Pick out yours today!

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.48.43 PM

(I hope this information is helpful. I am not in anyway affiliated with Undercover, Weighted Blankets. I am just a firm believer in this product.)