I travel … “Soft for 30”

Honestly, it has been quite a while since my husband and I got on a plane for a vacation but we are fortunate to share ownership of a lake home with my siblings. This was my Dad’s original homestead and was even recognized as a Century Farm! Our family received a plaque at our county fair and ate cake! (And I had a corn dog with lots of mustard… I’m at the fair!) A Century Farm award is a big deal in our little farming community. The award means that the land has been in one family and farmed for over 100 years, although, it has been over 150 years of our land being farmed! My Dad was so very proud.

Let’s talk travel!

How many people does it take to get a person with fibromyalgia ready for a trip? Just kidding. We are going to define “trip” for this post as a vacation you can go on by car.  (We’ll tackle by plane another time.)

Getting ready for those trips or family get-togethers (as summer is supposed to show up sometime yet this year) when you have fibromyalgia takes planning and preparation…

  1. About a week before the vacation make a master list of everything you want to take with you. And I do mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. You cannot trust your memory.
  2. Two days before, pack everything on your list and put by the door you will be leaving from. (There should be one last bag for your toiletries and medications that you will need to pack the day you go, have a checklist in this bag as well!)
  3. The day before the travel day, pick out what you will wear including jewelry and shoes, socks and underwear. (You can change your mind the day of travel.)
  4. Shower the night before.  It only takes a few minutes to touch up your hair the next morning with a curling iron. You can always go with a ponytail … or a cap.
  5. Get your makeup routine down to the bare necessities. Wear it or don’t, whatever you are comfortable with. I use Boomsticks. (Sold on Cindy Joseph’s website only. I use her color Boomstick and glimmer Boomstick… a little mascara and BOOM you are done!)
  6. “Soft for 30.” This is a rule my husband came up with. We plan to vacation and attend events, but 30 minutes before we need to leave, we ask ourselves three questions. If we can not answer yes to all three of the following questions, we call with our regrets;
    • Is everything is in order?
    • Is my health is stable?
    • Are we both in the presence of mind to be able to go and enjoy ourselves?

There you have it! All ready for the day trips or extended stays. With the family or without. It is essential to travel. Go somewhere! It is the best thing you can do for your mental health, and it gives you something to look forward to doing with your partner, kids, friends, or even by yourself. A cabin by the lake is a beautiful respite!

Live your best life!



  1. OMG 150 years! That really is incredible. My ex husbands family’s farm is approaching 100 years with the ownership of the farm passing to the daughters. I have to say GREAT tips on the packing too! I currently do 1-3, but I have to shower the morning of (anything to help me wake up and be motivated)

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    1. It is so interesting how showering affects individuals. I used to be that way, had to shower to wake up so I could motivate! Now a shower after getting fibromyalgia, wipes me out to the point of needing a nap sometimes when I’m done. Anyway, yes! 150 years! That land is now the responsibility of myself and my siblings. We’ve turned it into a LLC and it will remain in our family for generations to come!

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  2. The award sounds like a wonderful thing, and definitely something for the family to be proud of. Love the Soft for 30 idea, and great tips – I always write lists because my memory can be awful! You’re right in that breaks and travels are so important, and that with managing fibro/other health conditions can make the occasions less daunting and more successful. Happy travels 🙂
    Caz x

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  3. I love the Soft for 30 Kim – I think all couples should have this, actually. Especially when you are talking family. I can’t imagine having something in the family for 150 years, that is amazing. And, I really want a corn dog now, thank you!

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