Ok, the Quote Challenge is getting a little make-over. I was nominated by the incredible Susan at floweringink.

Three quotes, and nominate three people all in one post! The Q.3!

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I have thought about all of the great quotes I’ve heard. Some I have written down and want to remember forever. The funny thing is, the quotes that I have rattling around in my brain came from three people that I love dearly, so here we go. These are my favorite quotes, from memory, that I will never have to look up.

“You can’t hold what you don’t have in your hand.” ~Mabel S. (My Grandma)

“Don’t borrow worry.” ~Ethel B. (My Grandma)

“It is time to do something, even if its wrong.” ~Carole S. (My Mom)


My Nominees:

Feel free to share some quotes that are your favorites from a book or some from memory! It is all up to you. Have fun!


I’m counting on you!