Before I Tripped Over a Stone, Fridays, #12

The time had come for me to leave my position as a psychiatric technician. I have so many more experiences I could share. I could probably write a book, but that is not to be…

I had developed bursitis in my right shoulder. Every restraint just pushed me further toward needing more and more medical intervention. I eventually had to resign. I was given an incredible letter of recommendation and told if or when I wanted to return, there would be a position for me.

I took an office job for an eye doctor. Yep! I did eye exams! (Half day of training and I was ready!) I wore dresses and a white lab coat. Big difference from doc martins and jeans! Of course, on my very first day, a lady passed out. I knew she had her eyes dilated and was probably having a reaction. I sat with her on the floor having her lie still, checking her pulse and asked the other office assistant to call 911. I talked to the lady, told her just to lie still, I had a blanket put over her and one under her feet to raise her legs, hopefully, to prevent shock.

After the ambulance left with the woman, my new boss called me in and said we are expanding, opening a brand new office and would like to move you to that site as an office manager. Really? (I just wanted a regular job.) There would be a significant pay raise. My second day of employment, I was in a brand new office, and my name tag said office manager!

It was nice to not get hit or attacked or do restraints or get emotionally attached… I was bored out of my mind!!! I lasted 6 months…

I went to work as a teacher’s aide. Of course, it was a school for special needs children. My student was autistic, he was nine. He was a biter and an absolutely gifted spitter! My little guy, “A.” We would spend the next 8 months together… back to jeans and docs.

(Continued, Before I Tripped, #13)