Roll Around in My Mind!

Just some thoughts… maybe lessons learned? Certainly hard-earned. Remember always, if you have life, you have a purpose.

Bad things happen to ordinary people. It is a fact, not a coincidence. Who did I think bad things happened to? The movie star that hated the limelight? The rock star that lived in a world of addiction? Maybe the guy down the street because bad things wouldn’t happen to me! Certainly not me! I was not an ‘ordinary’ person! I followed the rules, I had a career, I had a life to live! I was someone! Nope. I-am-an-ordinary-person. Bad things happen to ordinary people just trying to live life.

Things will never go back to how they used to be. The ‘good old days’ are gone. Yesterday is gone! You will never be 20 again. Or 30? But would you want to? Think of all you have learned. Would you go back if the opportunity presented itself? I wouldn’t.  There are no do-overs in real life. No one can teach you what you have to learn for yourself. I do wish I would’ve appreciated more in life when I was younger but I wasn’t capable. I did not know then what I know now. I do know I still have much more yet to learn in this life. I believe with age comes wisdom.

Don’t keep score. I used to think there was some kind of point system in this life. If I could just reach the right number of points, I would magically be a happy, healthy, wealthy person! Now throw in acquiring a chronic illness. There was a pre-fibromyalgia me, and now there is post fibromyalgia me. Even though I fought with everything I had, I couldn’t beat this thing! I thought eventually I would have earned enough points and I would beat this disease! In the end, it was dollars. I spent an enormous amount of money on “cures” and got nowhere. I visited specialists, experimented with all kinds of herbs, oils, and special diets. I tried every alternative medical program I could find. I went to every physical therapy program known to man! I didn’t win. I didn’t find “the cure.” Don’t keep score.

It is OK to ask for help. This doesn’t mean you are weak, less than, or incapable. Asking for help allows you to grow. You gain intrinsic self-knowledge and personal power in the form of inherently knowing what you need. You have to stop allowing yourself to get so worked up over someone else’s ‘suggestions’ on how to improve your life. You take control back and ask for what it is that YOU need. If you are unsure of what you need, give yourself time to discover it. Read everything you can get your hands on, consider your sources, join a support group, get a therapist. It is OK to receive help. Just make sure it is you doing the asking!