I Can Not Help the Way You Feel

When you are chronically ill, everything you attempt takes more time. You have to think through things before you do them. Sometimes you must stop and re-start, several times, because you cannot remember what step you needed to complete next.

The tenacity it takes to stick with a task and see it through to completion, not only is exhausting, but you have time for one task per day. One room cleaned, one event attended, one appointment attended, one planned excursion … ONE. ONE. ONE!

One task per day is all you can do because it takes all damn day to make it happen.

This leaves many tasks incomplete. If I do A, then I do not get to complete B. If I attend C, then I do not get to do D. This is a problem for my Virgo self! I will admit I am a bit anal when it comes to keeping my home up and my errands completed. I have to learn to let that go. But that is so very difficult.

So what do I do?  As soon as my husband gets home from work I barrage him with apologies… I didn’t get this done because I am trying to do that. I am so sorry I didn’t get the other thing done yet. I’m sorry! And I keep apologizing for an entire list of things I did not get completed. It drives him nuts! He finally reached his boiling point with me. I certainly wasn’t expecting to hear what came out of his mouth …





Point taken, my love. Point taken.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.48.43 PM~Kim