The Blood of the Norse

(For Susan. Because she told me I wrote a poem.)




The Norseman

I write love poems for one man.

He has the Blood of the Norse running through his veins…

But today, no not today, will he get a poem.

For I too have the blood of the Norse and I am in warrior mode.

I find I am infuriated by his latest endeavor.

So we shall draw Ruins until the anger subsides,

And he will see his warrior wife was right.

My Norseman walked in requesting a parlay,

A bag of sweets for his sweet.

As a warrior woman, I respect the parlay,

Negotiations, the talk I tire of quickly.

Knowing if I disrespect the parlay I will develop a soul of unrest.

The negotiations finally come to an end.

And we go on to live many more days,

In the good graces of each other’s arms.