The Program Director.

Early in 2002, I was sent by a doctor to participate in a clinic start-up program for fibromyalgia patients. I happened to meet the director of the program as I was on my way to my first clinic appointment. I was very excited about the possibilities of finding a program that worked for me. We chatted a bit, and he seemed very nice. When my name was called, I talked to a nurse about my overall health, I talked with a nutritionist, and I met with a physical therapist. I signed up for a warm water therapy program and a physical therapy program.

I got word that the director of the program wanted to see me. I was escorted to his office. I was afraid I had done something wrong? Was my insurance denied? I was asked to have a seat on the couch in his office. He walked around the room as he was talking to me about various pain medications I was on and which ones he would like to take me off of. I thought this was very weird being he was a director, not medical personnel. I said that I understood.

Then he started asking me some very personal questions. Was I married? Was I in a monogamous relationship? Finally, he sat down right beside me and put his hand on my knee. He said, “You know as well as I do that there is no such thing as fibromyalgia.” I got up without a word and left his office.

This satellite program closed its doors six months later.

I spent many years being angry. Angry at this illness, angry at that director, angry at doctors, angry at myself for not getting better. Anger solves nothing. Educate yourselves and set your boundaries. You will then be a force to be reckoned with.