Fibromyalgia for a day.

What Personality Test Can Define You?

Ever Heard of the Meyers Briggs Personality Type test? This is a free test. Click on the following link:

Go take it and find out what your personality has to say about you! I took it. I was dumbfounded by the accuracy of this test. You may want to know what the test is measuring? Here is a short video that explains the test. (But click the free link above to take the personality test.)


 I would love to hear your results! Respond back at any time with what you’ve learned!


IMG_0171~Kim, (INFJ)



    1. I definitely think they are just kind of fun! I think there is a time and place for any kind of test but when you are dealing with human beings… can we ever be tested accurately? Naw… So I took this and just wanted to put it out there for folks to enjoy if they so desired. Did you see I wrote a blog post about you Bella? You helped me over a huge barrier with a helpful comment. You may not remember but I certainly do! Thanks so much for that!~Kim

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      1. Oh Kim, i might have missed that blog post can you send me the link. Sorry.

        Regarding meyers briggs.. training learning and development and hr dept in organisation take this quite seriously .. i know. They are interesting and can be helpful as well cause at the time they helped me. But what kinda made me a was when they say you cant change your core ways.. well.. i think you can if you want.. otherwise how can we get better.. sorry …my rant related to work. I guessing the context of friends ut is just fun..

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  1. INFP The Idealist
    Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving

    Love life and all the good that comes with it
    Spontaneous and quick to adapt
    Love to be around people and spend time talking to them
    Naturally warm, caring, and compassionate
    Have a good sense of humor that attracts friends
    Highly intuitive and perceptive
    Value long-lasting relationships
    Usually hard on yourself over failures
    Good at making people feel comfortable
    Avoid hurting other people’s feelings

    Stuart says this fits me pretty well.
    My first thought….I don’t do the last one very well sometimes and it makes me sad.

    I do think this kind of thing is fun. Thanks Kim.

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    1. I’m so glad! I like yours! I think it fits! Sometimes we have to fight for ourselves and the feelings of others just cannot be taken into account. I wouldn’t worry so much about that one. Wen, all the good things and you have one trait you question. HA! Would this be the hard on yourself trait?


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