Your Truths Are Not Mine.


In the 20 plus years I’ve had fibromyalgia I have heard some pretty outlandish things. I’ve tried some pretty weird treatment programs and medication combinations that now I look back on and think, how could I have been so stupid? And secondly, that was a lot of wasted money I did not have to waste!

What discourages me is how many ridiculous ideas are offered up as truths for those who suffer. We face disbelief, so-called cures, and magic pills. Still to this day! Have we learned nothing? It is estimated at least 5 million US citizens suffer from fibromyalgia. That number is thought to be much higher because fibromyalgia is so under-reported.

Just as an example, last night I read a couple of articles that infuriated me. Both articles were published in 2016, I would like to share my abbreviated version of each with you.

  • The first article explained human beings do not think they deserve to be well. Human beings do not believe they deserve happiness in their lives either. If you have an illness, you do not try to get better. You remain ill because you want to be ill. To remedy this situation, you must get a health coach! You have to think your way out of the pain with the assistance of a health coach! I say, been there done that should’ve worked by now! (Health coach … really?)
  • The second article states marijuana is an organic pain-killer grown by God. Therefore, you should not be taking any medication in pill form. This article emphasized it was written by a true Christian. This article also claims true Christians should not and do not believe in taking medication in pill form, especially pain medications. Medication in pill form is an evil agent that masks problems. The highlight of the article was this statement, “Pain medications make you high so smoke pot instead.” (Smoke pot so you don’t get high? This doesn’t even make sense.) The good Christian’s say that God grows weed.  I say, God grows opium too… how does that work?

I stand by my experience that different treatments and medications work differently for each patient. I have no problem with any treatments, medications, or edible brownies if it is something that works for you, do it. I do have a problem with under-educated people making decisions about treatments and medications for others based on their personal opinions. Don’t judge. When you experience pain every day, you will do whatever you have to do to tame it. Smoke a joint or take that pill. It really makes no difference to a person who is in pain. In the end, it is only about what works.