If Not For Bella…

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I wrote to Bella about the above quote from Aldous Huxley.  I explained that although I have always loved this quote, I used to struggle with the “changing oneself”… but now I wholly believe in it. To change is to grow! It is not to assimilate or be weak. I had to learn to change to make myself a better person for this world.

Dearest Bella responded, “Wonderful, the best life lesson.”

Thank you, Bella. Your response somehow allowed me to encompass my hopes and dreams into a new cemented reality not only for my chronic illness world. I can fit into a real life that I face with all its complications and all its heartaches. The ups, the downs, and the unfairs! The winding roads, the detours, and the defeats.

Plans have a way of falling apart, never coming together as expected. I can learn to endure, I can learn to be ready. I can hold my head up and walk in grace. And. The most beautiful part … I will hold out my hands and those who grasp them I will welcome, and we will walk forward together.



  1. Dearest Kim, so very sweet of you. I am sorry I totally missed this blog post of yours.

    I am humbled , embarrassed and shy for your appreciation of a few words. But, in life it can be just a few words that help up realise how far we have cone on our journey and what we have learnt. We melt at thought a tear flows cause the road was rocky, but we did it. Each lesson of life only makes life easier if we wish to learn. And when i change my world changes.

    Hugs Kim. I am humbled by this post. Sorry i missed it.
    Love Bella

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