I have been battling the last week but am recovering now. My husband only left my side to work. He made sure I never went without, that my cell phone was near so I could call him, and he sat in bed with me when he was home. I am so behind on reading my blogging community’s posts, apologies. Please bear with me while I continue to heal from this bought of costochondritis.

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P.S. Thank you, my love, for sitting in the light AND the dark with me.



    1. Sarah, that is so kind of you to nominate me… I have recently won the Mystery Blogger and am humbled to be nominated again. So I will pass but am so thankful for your thoughtfulness! Yes, I always have a few posts pre-written and used three of those last week! My supply is dwindling! 🙂 I’m always prepared for a flare… was NOT prepared for costochondritis tho… a flare takes me down two, maybe three days. Costo can take me down for a couple weeks. (This is the fourth time I’ve had this so I know I am close to the end of it!) Thanks again, Sarah! ~Kim

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  1. I am so sorry you have not been feeling well. It is truly amazing what and how much you do even when you are suffering. You really are a wonderful and inspiring woman! I hope you start feeling much better soon. Please do not push yourself, you need to take care so we can read more of your fabulous work! Now I am being a little selfish, but I do care about you and your well being!!

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