It’s Only Natural Gifts & I am Affiliated!

Sunday Shoppers! Guess what? I just found the grooviest, gift-giving game on the internet! I started reading about this company, researching their products and think I have fallen in love! It’s Only Natural Gifts.

So I ordered myself a gift box of things I maybe wouldn’t typically purchase (or would depending on the recipient) and here it is!


This is a build your own or purchase pre-assembled gift for any occasion! This company is cruelty-free, preservative-free, without any artificial colors or fake ingredients. It’s Only Natural Gifts offer endless ‘build-your-own’ gift possibilities. You can start with a personalized canvas bag that you pick the design for (or a gift box or basket), then there are categories and subcategories to allow you to fill your gift bag with the products you like.

Here is the unveiling of my first order from It’s Only Natural Gifts. The camera operator is the Hubby! I am the narrator…



In a 2 year period, I was in the hospital 12 times, and 7 of those times I had surgery. You can only receive so many flowers … this is an excellent alternative! Yes, I am affiliated now with this company. (But hey! The pay ain’t that great!) I just love this idea and sure wish this would have been an option when I was laid up in the hospital for almost 85 days!

I just wanted to add one idea, this would be a great group gift! Gather a few friends and fill up a really nice gift bag for that certain someone who needs a present! Go take a look around and here’s an extra 10% off, use the gift code SHARETHELOVE when you check out!

It’s Only Natural Gifts

Shop fun and make it easy!



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