Sunday Shoppers

Let’s treat ourselves this week. Do something sweet for you! Buy something for yourself. You aren’t out on the town every weekend, spend a little extra for an item that you will enjoy for your home. Something that will delight you!

My top picks that you may just want to check out!

Lily’s Home Galileo Glass Thermometer. This is a beautiful piece! It is very accurate too!

 This is available for $24.99.

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Eco System. This is incredible… you have to look at this fantastic piece!

These run right around $60. Many different shapes and sizes. Nothing to do but watch the beauty that happens inside! Spectacular.

Chanasya Faux Fur Bed throw. Everyone needs one of these for naps!

 I love mine. They run from $26 to $36 depending on what size and color you would like.

Victsing diffuser. Get out your oils! Peppermint, and eucalyptus for sinuses, and lavender for tranquility and sleep. This diffuser is pretty and continually runs in my home.

 There are many sizes and colors, this one is the 150ml for $22.95.

Everyone needs a pretty tracksuit, why not velour? These are excellent quality, and a lovely set is an attractive alternative to PJ’s and sweatpants.

Many colors and size options, $24.95.

Some good reading material? Take a look at The Shadow Boxers! Co-written by myself and Karen Anderson. A great interactive journal to help you live your best life with a chronic illness. This book offers options, not opinions!


Enjoy your shopping trip!

IMG_0171 ~Kim


  1. Ooo I used to have one of those Galileo thermometers when I was much younger, maybe 20-odd years ago now. A lot of the liquid evaporated over a few years and then it went for a walk to the bin. But it brings back memories..! x

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    1. I have two sizes, well had… my ex-fiance is enjoying them I’m sure… long story. I loved them!!! And I will be ordering myself one again… I’m grooving on the little habitat aquarium tho-… I just don’t know which to pick! well, I love everything I chose! HAHA…

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