I Was Feeling Blue.

I enjoy writing my blog. I love bringing you helpful information as well as new research I have discovered. I was asked to write a few personal posts about what I was like before fibromyalgia. This would be the time that was before my marrying Jeff as well. I have broached some difficult subjects as of late, and I am very pleased that I have reached some individuals who have contacted me for help. I have also heard from a few people that have felt like these posts have helped them. This means I am doing the right thing. I don’t want Friday posts to be for shock value.

However. These memories that I write about in my Friday posts, Before I Tripped Over a Stone, have opened up some old wounds. As I put them back in the box I pulled them out of, I close the lid and instruct my self to move on.

My husband has watched me during this process. He is aware of the memories I struggle with but says he knows I can hold my own. And I can and do. A few of these posts have been extremely difficult for him to read… I understand this.

He asked me to listen to this song, “Holy Water” by Big and Rich. I did and found it to be beautiful. He then said, “this was written for you too…”

When Jeff married me. He ‘took me away, took me farther… and held me like holy water.’

My husband, the love of my life.



  1. Just awesome lady. Just like you. And I believe God gave you Jeff and that healing love because you my dear, have been through enough. SO GRATEFUL for you and your ability to help others. ❤️

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    1. Thank you Dr. Andrea! We do very well together. I think it’s because we both fought so hard to find our way back to each other. We’d grown up together, remained friends but didn’t seriously date until later in life. Mutual respect! And yes, love! ~Kim

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  2. Hi Kim, writing is so very therapeutic and so is music. Wishing you continued healing and love. xo By the way, I left you a comment on your previous heart wrenching post but I noticed it had disappeared. You may want to check your spam comments. Hugs to you.

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  3. I hope you count me as one of the people that you have helped! Last night was the first night I stayed at my “new place”, there was a small panic attack (claustrophobic from everything being piled and in boxes), then some tears, but mostly a new feeling of calm and peace. I still don’t have the shower put back together so it’s not “home” yet, but it is not as scary. Ty my friend, you are an inspiration

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  4. Absolutely amazing post Kim! You are so incredible and inspirational. I love reading your posts and they either make me smile or cry, but I do love them. You and your husband are a fantastic and beautiful couple, I am SO happy you have him. Much love to y’all!!!

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