Sunday Shopper, Spring!

So I may be a bit early, but when you order, it takes time to receive the items right? I don’t care if that rodent saw his shadow or not! I want spring!!!

Let’s get our spring on at Amazon!

These are the most comfortable wedges by Ollio that I’ve ever owned. I bought the tan and black! You will wear these almost daily if you are a heel fiend like me but can only wear wedges. It is like walking on marshmallows! (These look very cute on.)

Ollio Women’s Platform Wedge Sandals $23.19.

These harem pants I thought would look horrible on me (at 5’2″ and plump)! But I was wrong! Paired with a simple tee and a fun necklace, anyone can rock these out!

Joop Joop Bohemian Pants $13.95.

The whole line provided by Sakkas, I love! I believe this is an essential line of clothing for the hot, uncomfortable summer months. I own so many items from Sakkas I should’ve bought stock!

Sakkas Summer Sleeveless Bohemian Blouse (many styles to                                                    choose from) $12.99-$19.99

Need some cute capris? Yes, you do! Patty Candy is a great place to start. Affordable. Cute. Here is the catch; they will shrink, 2 full inches after the first wash. They wash up beautifully but they initially DO shrink so they tell you to order two sizes up. Just remember to do so!

Patty Candy Pull-On Capri (assorted colors) $12.99

Bras are uncomfortable. I have the answer! I love these bras. Cabales to the rescue!

Cabales Pull-On Bra 3 pack (assorted colors) $16.99.

Underwear is a very personal choice! But I must share the tummy control brief by Innersy. Not only do these underwear smooth out the lumps, but I have also found they lessen my back pain! The band gives added support to the lower back.

Innersy Women’s 5-pack High Waist Tummy Control                                                                    Brief (assorted colors) $22.99.

Remember to carry a bag that you can throw a bunch of stuff in as you enjoy the outdoors. Remember water, sunglasses, a hat, hand sanitizer, chapstick… Your best bet is a cross body, fabric or canvas bag. Get something fun!

 Boho Bags $9.99-$16.99.

Get some shopping done!

Have fun!

IMG_3988 (1)~Kim


    1. We just had a huge snowfall, about 7 inches … but it has to end! It helps me to start thinking about spring because March is a long month to get through but April will bring spring! So I just pass the time by cleaning out old stuff and ordering a few new pieces… makes me happy :)!

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        1. That is really interesting… do your temps remain at certain degrees or vary wildly. Yes, the midwest and east coast have very defined seasons, the south and southern west coast stay hot and get hotter. The upper west coat called the Pacific Northwest doesn’t vary much in temps… constant 40-70 degrees on any given day, lower in the winter higher in the spring, summer, and fall.

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          1. Well it hard to say what we get, i have given up figuring the weather out and just deal with on the day. I always carry an umbrella rain or shine. We are known to 3 different weathers in one day and that in summer.. i cant really recall proper seasons for a good few years now.

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