The Sunday Shopper


I have found so many little necessities that I use I just needed to share with you! So SUNDAY SHOPPERS, take a look at the goodies I came up with!

For all joint, muscle, and sciatic pain. You must get one of these! A Thera Cane! I have had mine since 2001.

$28.99. Worth every cent and feel free to write it off as a medical expense! You can reach every trigger point yourself if you have one of these canes.

While I am at it…

Who goes through heat and ice packs as quickly as a person with an invisible illness? NO ONE!

These, my friends, are filled with clay! They are microwave and freezer safe. They can be kneaded to fit exactly how you want them to fit. LIFESAVER! I have two. These start at $11.99.

And to ease the pain of the day! Get some Salonpaus for any areas that feel sore. I often wear a couple (or five!) all day and leave them on overnight. I cannot live without these.

$9.92 for a pack of 60! Yes, please.

Let’s just put a couple of stylin’ pieces in… a tote bag for a go-bag for all of your necessities…

I am in love with both of these, own them, and change when feeling bored.  I will not lead thee astray!

$24.50 a beautiful tote. (I replaced the long strap with a guitar strap and cut the lining out!) Much better, more room, and feels like real leather!

$22.79 I have a bucket bag very similar to this one. (Just a different manufacturer that I purchased it from.) I LOVE the guitar strap!!! Doesn’t dig into your shoulder. I like that this comes with a purse pouch! (I didn’t get a pouch with the one I ordered.)

Click on the product and Shop!

Have fun!

IMG_3985 (1)~Kim


  1. I don’t know if I’m just being dense, but I didn’t know heat/ice packs could be filled with clay (though now I come to think of it I don’t know what half of them are filled with, mine are gel balls)… Some great picks Kim, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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